Today marks 100 days until Christmas and we’re excited! Christmas is that special time of year which brings about joy, goodwill, Starbucks holiday cups, unreal Amazon lightning deals, endless food and days off work! Family and friends come together wearing ugly sweaters and kids get more excited with each passing toy commercial as Santa’s visit draws near.


There’s no other time of year when we can pack into the car with our Venti hot chocolate and drive around viewing beautiful and amazing holiday decorations. Christmas is coming!

Yeah, we know, before Christmas day arrives, we’ve got Halloween and Thanksgiving day to look forward to. You may be thinking, “Christmas already? I’m still deciding on my Halloween costume!” Well, so are we! We’ve got 45 days to figure one out. Still, with our immediate focus on what to wear for Halloween and what food to contribute on turkey day, there’s a constant reminder in the back of our minds that Christmas is near. 100 days near to be exact!

Here at Dekra-Lite, we live Christmas year-round and our own countdown begins in Spring when we embark on customizing holiday décor and mapping out dazzling programs for the coming season. You might assume that by this time of year, we’re just a little Christmas weary. Not true. When that 100-day countdown to Christmas begins, we’re ecstatic! Though we’ve got strict deadlines looming and last minute decoration orders to fulfill, we know that in 100 days from now, our work for the year is (mostly) done, thousands of Christmas revelers will be enjoying the fruits of our labor, and we’ll be pigging out in our ugly sweaters on the most exciting, cheerful and celebrated day of the year!

Are you getting ready for Christmas?  Begin shopping holiday décor now!