23 07, 2014

Commercial Christmas Decorations: Incandescent vs. LED light bulbs

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There are various different types of Christmas lights, including There are colorful lights, both flashing and non-flashing, string lights, rope lights, net lights, and bulbs. At Dekra-Lite, we receive a lot of questions about our CFLs, incandescent, and LED bulbs. In this article, we are going to differentiate them from each other. Price-When comparing the different options, the first thing you may notice is the price difference. LED bulbs are far more expensive than typical incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs were one of the first types of lighting created to replace incandescent lighting. Because they use less energy, they save money and are becoming more popular. As they gain popularity, their price should drop. Directional- LED lights tend to be directional, meaning they are great if they are going to be stationary or pointing in one direction. Brightness- LED lights are typically brighter than incandescent lights, but they don't bring as much light into the room. Incandescent lights and CLFs, on the other hand, can brighten an entire room. They are ideal for larger areas that need to be lit up. Temperature- LED light cool much quicker after they are turned off than other types of light. This can be beneficial when hanging holiday lights. Commercially, [...]

22 07, 2014

Commercial Christmas Decorations for Window Display

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What would Christmas be without all of the decorations and lights? They add excitement and give everyone a little boost in Christmas spirit. When it comes to commercial window displays, they are many options as to how you can decorate. Commercial Christmas decorations are readily available online and there are also options for purchasing used commercial decorations as well. What is one of the first objects you think about when Christmas time comes? How about a Christmas tree? Giant Christmas Trees A giant Christmas tree is a great place to start when creating a window display. It draws in people’s attention and there are so many different ways that a tree can be decorated. There are many options like what color lights to choose, ornaments, garland, a tree topper – even down to what type of tree will be used. The rest of the display you may want to consider getting the dimensions and drawing yourself an outline or brainstorm about what you envision. A Christmas display does not necessarily have to be ostentatious; it can be simple and elegant or fun and colorful. Will it be geared towards a specific age group? You can still use this display as a marketing [...]

1 07, 2014

Closed for Independence Day!

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Our offices will be closed on Friday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day. There are only 175 days until Christmas and our busy elves will be back in the office ready to assist you on Monday, July 7th. If you haven’t already thought about the holiday season and your décor you might want to. The first step in any successful holiday program is calling Dekra-Lite. We specialize in a variety of services including large trees, lighting, custom décor, large program installations and graphics. View a variety of programs for different industries in our portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you regarding the fast approaching 2014 holiday season. To read more about our custom creations, take a Behind the Scenes look at what we do in our Workshop. Until then, we hope you have a safe and happy Fourth of July!