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The City of Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills is a popular city in California's Los Angeles County. Home to many Hollywood stars, it features the upscale shopping street of Rodeo Drive. Every year, the city of Beverly Hills hosts an event called BOLD Beverly Hills. In addition to later shopping hours, BOLD also features live entertainment, music, and an interactive photo experience.

The Goal

The City of Beverly Hills has skyline decor installed during the holiday season. This year, they wanted to display something new to complement their Bold Holidays initiative.

Design & Concepting

We thoughtfully curated a few designs that would complement the City’s Bold Holidays initiative, which featured an impressive, elegant, and colorful design that would stand the test of time. We wanted the skylines to be easily enhanced and altered every year, so visitors are always delighted by something new.

Eventually, we decided on the Triple Ornament Swags. These swags featured warm white mesh panels and light swags. We hung our 3D Waterloo Rings horizontally to create the chandelier. We then hung colorful ornaments from the center to complete the look.  

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Prior to installation, Dekra-Lite conducted a survey to verify the distances, heights, and attachment points, and to make sure there are working electrical outlets for each overhead span. We also verified which permits needed to be pulled for the City of Beverly Hills and worked with Public Works to get the rating fro existing cables (the engineer plants. During installation, Dekra-Lite blocked/lane closures for movement of equipment and overhead installation of decor, depending on the city's preferences,. The city of Beverly Hills will be responsible for hanging cables based off approved engineering.

The Result

The result was

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