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The City of Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills is a popular city in California's Los Angeles County. Home to many Hollywood stars, it features the upscale shopping street of Rodeo Drive. Every year, the city of Beverly Hills hosts an event called BOLD Beverly Hills. In addition to later shopping hours, BOLD also features live entertainment, music, and an interactive photo experience.

The Goal

For decades, the City’s Wilshire Boulevard holiday overhead displays have been a staple to their seasonal décor. With the BOLD (Beverly Hills Open Later Days) holiday initiative increasing in popularity, the City of Beverly Hills wanted to take a new and vibrant take on their iconic spans.

Design & Concepting

Our team thoughtfully curated designs to compliment the City’s BOLD Holidays initiative, which featured an impressive, elegant, and colorful design that would stand the test of time. The Triple Chandelier Swag combined the traditional elegance of Beverly Hills with the vibrant and bold energy of the city’s lifestyle.

Each swag is draped in dazzling warm white lighting woven through glitter injected mesh panels. The dramatic chandeliers were created with our lit 3D Waterloo Rings, and vibrant jewel-toned signature ornament drops.

To enhance the BOLD initiative, we incorporated RGB lighting throughout the overhead spans so the city can produce stunning light shows throughout the season, delighting visitors with something new.

Take a sneak peek at production!

The Result

The Triple Chandelier Swag spans added a luxurious touch to the BOLD Holiday initiative and were admired by the entire City of Beverly Hills!

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