30 05, 2019

How to Choose Light Pole Decor

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Whether you’re decorating towering street poles or more pint-sized poles, adding different types of light pole decor to your holiday ensemble is a powerful way to turn drab, utilitarian poles into impressive pieces of wonder.

29 05, 2019

What is the Difference Between UL and CSA Approved?

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If you've worked with electrical products before, you may have noticed a label that a CSA or UL label on the packaging. If you are wondering what they mean, we are about to tell you. Underwriter Laboratories   UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories, which is an organization that develops and evaluates safety standards for lighting and other electrical products in the United States. When a product includes the UL logo, it means that it has been tested and verifies for safety by UL.  The packaging may also include location-specific labels. These are important to understand where you can use your decorative elements. A few you should pay attention to when decorating for the holidays season include the following.  Dry Location- Applies to fixtures designed for indoor use. Damp Location- Indicates that the light fixture can be used outside in an area protected from direct contact with water Wet Location- Signifies that the lights can come in direct contact with water, and elements, such as showers and saunas.  Canadian Standards Association CSA stands for the Canadian Standards Association. The CSA Group is an internationally recognized organization that tests electrical and mechanical products and those that might be considered riskier. A product that has the CSA [...]

28 05, 2019

Creative Ways to Use Ornaments

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There is no doubt that tree or wreath dangling ornaments from snowflakes to nutcrackers, orbs to stars, swans to snowmen, are an essential Christmas tradition. Sometimes, we want to do and decorate things just a little bit differently.

23 05, 2019

How to Protect Your Artificial Tree

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So you’ve bought your beautiful artificial tree, gave it a nice fluff, and have commenced to decorating it with delight. You think, “how nice it is not to have to worry about watering the tree–what a great idea!”

21 05, 2019

Pro Decor Tip: Fluffing Your Holiday Decor

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Your majestic pre-packaged tree arrives in its box. You take it out and marvel at how festive the area looks. But there’s one step missing from this process... fluffing.

16 05, 2019

The Latest in Holiday Tree Technology: The RGB Plus Tree Collection

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Most people don’t associate Christmas trees with the latest in technology. This year, Dekra-Lite is changing the game with it's RGB Plus Tree Collection. 

14 05, 2019

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Professional

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Decorating for the holidays is always easier said than done, and creating a Christmas tree is no different. Here's are a few tips to help you decorate your tree like a pro.

7 05, 2019

Find Your Style

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It’s no surprise that differentiating yourself with holiday decor will make your business stand out. But how do you find your own unique holiday style?