When the sun sets, many buildings disappear as the sky darkens, and most people don’t think much about them. Business owners and designers, on the other hand, pay a lot of attention to how their business looks during the evening hours. A building’s appearance is especially important if it is open at any time when it’s dark. One simple, yet effective, way companies can ensure that their businesses don’t go unnoticed is by using perimeter lighting. 

What is perimeter lighting, and why is it important? 

Perimeter lighting refers to the exterior lights that go on the roof or around the edges of a building. These lights create contrast and help your business stand out

In addition to improving your businesses visibility, perimeter lighting also serves as a key indicator that your property is safe and open for business. Walking on to a dark retail space and make people feel uncomfortable, and maybe a little nervous. By adding lights on your building, you can create a welcoming atmosphere and draw customers into your building. 

You are probably already aware that lighting is an essential element in setting the mood. With the right lights, you can provoke any feeling you want your visitors to experience when they walk on to your property. You can create anything from an evening ambiance, or a most festive environment for your visitors. 

Perimeter Lighting is a Business Investment

Perimeter lighting is an essential investment for any business location. Whether you are brightening up an open space or lighting an intimate setting, adding perimeter lights is an effective way to improve your building’s atmosphere. 

Explore Perimeter Lighting with Dekra-Lite

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