Ever wondered why you should decorate your mall or shopping center for Christmas?

3 Reasons to Decorate Your Property for Christmas

Holiday cheer and the spirit of Christmas are real!

#1 Makes customers happier, which makes them want to spend money

Denmark recently conducted a survey where took two groups of individuals: those who celebrated Christmas and those who didn’t. They showed them images of holiday themes as they underwent a brain scan. The front of the brain lit up for those who celebrated Christmas. This occurrence indicates that there is a “holiday spirit network” in our brains, and just thinking about the holidays or seeing festive imagery has a positive influence on our emotions.

What does this mean for retailers?

Studies have shown that stores and businesses that decorate for the holiday season create a positive feeling for their customers. Their visitors feel comfortable, warm, and more at home. And when the customers are happy, they spend money.

And they don’t just purchase gifts. They also spend on practical items and luxury items for themselves.

Ever heard the phrase, “one for them, two for me?”

This is why stores and centers will often times start playing holiday music immediately following Halloween. It’s to start getting people in the holiday spirit.

And people know this. 81% of people recognize and admit that seeing decorations in a commercial space gets them in the Christmas spirit.

#2) Creates a ‘spillover effect’

Holiday decor is an asset and falls under the smart investment category. This notion is referred to as the spillover effect that happens when consumers visit a property.

Did you know that 2 out of 3 of patrons will not only make multiple purchases at their destination, but they’ll end up shopping in additional stores or eating at a restaurant or ideally both?

With Coronavirus concerns, you might be thinking this year will be different. But we’re hearing that people are embracing the new “figure it out” attitude. They are finding what they are comfortable with and making it work for them.
Regarding Christmas and shopping centers, the overwhelming consensus has been to let customers be served how they want to be served, as long as they do it at the center.

What does that mean?

It means that it’s ok that there will be more people picking up their orders this year rather than going in and perusing the aisles.

Research shows that those people picking up an order will most likely make good use of the trip. Visitors might decide to pick up dinner at their favorite on-site restaurant while they are out.

#3 Increase the number of visitors

Research shows that properties that market or introduce even one new element to draw consumers in can see an increase of anywhere from 17-25% visitors per season.

Most of this is word of mouth and that organic social media marketing. The City of Beverly Hills, for example, successfully uses selfie stations and photo ops. Part of the reason is influencers in the area take powerful and persuasive photos that draw others to the property.

Another example is this colorful tunnel out of Buford, Georgia. To get to their ice rink and carnival area, you have to pass through this tunnel from the parking lot. Last year they decided to make the tunnel a focal point. As a result, sales for skating, rides, and food went up.

It’s always nice to see decor doing its job, and in both instances, the elements not only brought the holiday joy but monetized it.

So why do people choose to visit these locations in the first place?

A survey of about 2,500 consumers showed that half are lured to properties during the winter months by holiday ambiance alone. But specifically, 1 in 3 are drawn to holiday-specific activities, like ice skating, tree lighting ceremonies, and, of course, getting a photo with Santa.

Decorating for the Holiday Season with Dekra-Lite

There are many reasons why you should decorate your property for the holiday season. Creating memorable experiences is our specialty here at Dekra-Lite. In addition to designing holiday programs, we also aid in installing, removing, and storing. Contact us today to learn more about how we