When the Christmas season arrives, businesses do their best to spread holiday cheer on their properties. One way they do this is with a giant Christmas tree. 

When selecting a tree, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1) Size

Many property managers and owners dream of having a giant Christmas tree as part of their holiday program. But bigger is not always better best for every property. Some locations simply don’t have the space to accommodate a giant tree. Other times, you may be limited by your budget. But a smaller tree does not mean your tree won’t make an impact. Dekra-Lite offers a large selection of real-looking foliage trees, but we also offer modern lit trees too!

2) Live versus artificial

Live trees often require more maintenance than artificial trees. They can also pose more challenges to customers who are allergic. More importantly, they can be a fire hazard if you do not have them set up correctly. For these reasons, most businesses opt for an artificial tree. 

Artificial trees have come a long way. Many of them look real without having many of the additional hurdles that come with having a real tree. Check out the Sherwood Tree we used for One Paseo’s 2019 holiday program!

One Paseo Christmas ?Tree

3) Pre-Lit versus unlit

There are many benefits to selecting a pre-lit tree, mostly having to do with how easy they are to set up. If you’ve ever untangled a string of Christmas lights, then you know what we are talking about. When a tree comes pre-lite, you can save time and jump straight into decorating.

Did you know that Dekra-Lite offers an assortment of premade commercial Christmas trees?

Christmas trees are a great addition to any holiday program. They are also a fun way to put everyone in the holiday spirit. With the right tree, you can make a lasting impression on your visitors. Contact us today to learn more.