Imagine walking on a beautiful day, your senses captivated by festive sights and sounds. You might even be holding hands with a loved one. Now, you pass a window and decide to stop inside. Why? 

You most likely decided to stop in because the window caught your eye. 

Holiday window displays are an essential tradition. People love to window shop, especially during the holiday season. They love to weave in and out of stores to check out their displays and holiday decorations.

Business owners should take advantage of this common holiday pastime, and effectively use the real estate in their storefront. The best holiday window displays are noticeable, convey essential information, festive, and most importantly- inviting. Creating a presentation that captures the attention of people who pass by and makes them want to can make the difference between a successful holiday season and a not-so-successful one.

Here are a few tips and suggestions for creating captivating holiday window displays. 

Creating a Captivating Window Display

#1) Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is a great place to start when designing a retail window display. Trees are holiday icons. They are known to draw attention, and you can decorate them to match any theme. You can customize anything from the type of tree to the colors and ornamentation. 

#2) Window Graphics

Window Displays-Window Graphics-DOCO

Window graphics are great for window displays. They can be used to supplement other elements, but they also look great alone. 

Dekra-Lite offers high-quality window graphics that can be printed on adhesive or static cling and made to fit any window. One of the best things about them is that they are reusable and can be applied to any glass surface without leaving an adhesive residue. 

Featured is a window graphic we designed and printed on a white static cling for DOCO’s Santa Container. 

#3) Graphic Cutouts

Graphic cutouts are a unique way to grab attention at any time of the year. From life-sized images to hanging 3D decorations and ornament standees, we have something that will fit in your window display.

#4) Neon Flexible Lighting

Neon Flexible Lighting is another tool you can use to brighten up your holiday window display. This type of light creates vivid, bright colors, including cool white, red, orange, blue, and pink. You can use it to line the perimeter of your windows or use them to spell out words or shapes. Neon Flexible Lighting also comes in forms, like our neon flexible light snowflakes. Regardless of how you decide to use Neon Flex; it will capture attention with an iridescent glow. 

When designing your displays, make sure to have a cohesive design. You want to use colors that complement each other and fit a specific theme. 

A window is not just a way for people to peer in and out, but an opportunity to capture attention and increase sales.

Design a Window Display with Dekra-Lite

Dekra-Lite offers everything you need to create a captivating window display.  Contact us today to learn more.