If you are decorating for a mall or outdoor shopping center, there’s a good chance you will need a Santa set. You may be wondering what you need to create a warm and welcoming Santa display for his guests. Here are five essentials for a successful Santa set.

Essentials for a Successful Santa Set

1. A Comfortable chair

One of the most important elements of a Santa Set is the chair. Santa’s chair is where guests take photos, so it needs to look aesthetically pleasing. Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the chair. Santa isn’t the only one sitting on the chair; he is accompanied by a guest, sometimes more than one. The chair also needs to be comfortable, especially since he will likely be sitting in his chair for a long time for the duration of the season as children read off their wish lists.


2. Entertainment for children

Entertainment is a commonly forgotten element when it comes to designing a Santa display. There may be a long line to see Santa, and you want to keep the kids entertained. You also want them to be in a good mood when it’s their turn to take their photo.

3. Backdrops

The area where guests take photos is another vital element to consider when creating a Santa Set. The backdrop should enhance the photo that parents capture their children sitting on Santa’s lap.

4. Planned traffic flow

Planned traffic flow is another element to consider for your Santa Set is how traffic will flow. You want to think about where the guests will enter, where Santa will be, and where guests will exit.

Santa Sets with Dekra-Lite

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