Odds are, you spent a long time creating your holiday program. You probably used lots of lights and other elements that need to stay plugged into an outlet. Naturally, power and extension cords are visible. We know how frustrating it can be to have cables affect your display’s beauty; today, we are sharing some of our favorite tips for concealing wires. 

Cheap, Simple, and Stylish

  1. Decorated toilet paper rolls- The cardboard from used toilet paper rolls can be an inexpensive way to hide your cords. Fold and stick your wires into them and place them out of the way. You can paint, color, draw, use decorative tape and other ways to make them look festive. 
  2. Decorative baskets- Baskets are another great tool for making wires look less intrusive. Bundle your cables in the basket, and wrap the plugged-in cord around or under the basket. Place the basket near your outlets as just another piece of your decorative ensemble.  
  3. Gift boxes- Gift boxes can be used similar to decorative baskets when hiding cords. Use large or medium boxes as a place to store your bundled wires. To ensure the cables are hidden, you can cut a small hole at the bottom or outside of the box and feed the cord through. 
  4. Zip ties- Zip ties are another tool you can use to manage visible cords. They work for wires of varying sizes. 
  5. Giant inflatables- Surge protectors and wall mounts can create more space and be hidden behind large decorations, like giant inflatables. 
  6. Matching cloth- If it’s too difficult to hide the wires, you can cover them with a piece of matching cloth. Or, block them with another decoration that can help blend them into the scene.  
  7. Cord management kits- There are cord management kits available specially designed to organize and conceal cords. Just be sure to make sure they are for commercial spaces. 
  8. Staple gun-  Stapling your cords wherever a staple will fit is a very seamless and customizable option. Just be aware of the holes that will be left when it’s time to take the staples out. 

Dekra-Lite Industries

Regardless if you are trying to integrate your cords into your display or hide them altogether, these tips can help. If you are still unsure how to hide extension cords in your Christmas display, please feel free to contact one of our design experts. Fill out the form below or call (866) 244-5802.