As Dekra-Lite enters their 32nd holiday season, our team decided to share some of our best tips to upgrade existing decorations for a magical holiday season. By making a few changes and adding a little extra sparkle, you can create a festive and bright property that will spread plenty of holiday cheer for everyone.

Upgrading Existing Decorations

1. Enhance Your Foliage

One of the simplest ways to breathe new life into your decorations is by enhancing your foliage. A fun way to do this by adding layers or elements you would not usually think of to your trees, wreaths, garland, and sprays. Picks of carefully selected fillers, berries, and flowers, as well as specialty ornamentation, like an overlay of acrylic snowflakes or icicles, can enhance and upgrade the thinnest garland. You can also consider adding an extra layer of lighting. Perhaps you can combine warm and cool white or add a strand of color to customize an otherwise traditional wreath. In our Signature line of Sequoia Trees, we commonly use giant LED Ropelight Snowflakes for contrast and excitement!



2. Consider Bases, Risers, and Staging

When our designers stage a decorative element that people will be up close and personal to, such as a tree or a selfie-station, we usually use a base to tie everything together.

For example, when placing a simple graphic indoors, we might use a patch of bright, holiday-red carpet to tie everything together. Doing this creates an instant photo opportunity. If the budget allows, we may even add a small tree or gift boxes to complete the scene.

For a sizeable exterior display, such as a 10′ Illuminated Ring, we would create a platform to raise everything. We would also make sure the area is complete with ornaments and garland. A bonus for using a stage is that it allows us to hide the electrical cords, so the presentation looks neat and professional.

When working with smaller trees, we also like to use risers to add height. It makes the appear grander, creating a more magical experience for everyone.


3. Ornaments, Ornaments and more Ornaments!

We love adding ornaments to everything! Even that 10′ Illuminated Ring we mentioned looks great with these fun decorative elements. Attach them outside for a festive look; or place them inside the structure to improve daytime appeal.

We hang many of our decorations in the air. One of our favorite tricks is to hang ornaments from stand-alone elements to create custom Christmas chandeliers!



4. Repurpose, Reuse, and Rehang

Understanding that Christmas décor is an asset and can be expensive, we are all for refurbishing, repurposing, reusing and rehanging! If you have multiple properties, moving elements around can help ensure patrons are always looking at something fresh.

It’s not uncommon for some of your pricer decorations, like giant trees and wreaths, to start looking thin over time. Often, the aluminum and metal framing is in great shape, and we can re-branch the trees and replace the garland on wreaths.

Our designers are great at consultations and providing recommendations on what to do with used décor. Perhaps you have LED Ropelight Snowflakes that were on a tree, but you moved the tree to another property. We can use the snowflakes to create a pattern overhead, creating a unique skyline. Or we can weld them to landscaping stakes, and they become ground décor instantly. When it comes to enhancing the existing decor, the possibilities are truly endless.


5. Be Creative with Garland

One of the best tips in Commercial Christmas decorating is the use of garland to hide hanging electrical cords and light bars. We’ll use garland (natural, lit, or decorated), and flittered ropes to hang inflatables and illuminated décor. For light curtains that often line interior corridors, we use the same garland along the top of the light bar to hide connections. Not only does this leave a clean and finished look, but it also adds more decor, lighting, and color.

With Santa Sets and backdrops, we often use garland to hide installation seams.


6. Graphics and Branded Messaging

Think of that same 10′ Illuminated Ring we placed on a platform earlier. The platform complete with gifts, and there are ornaments set inside. If you think the display could not be any more magical, we would like to challenge your thinking.

Because Dekra-Lite has a full, in-house print department, we can easily customize bows and other signage with your business logo or holiday hashtag. This way, every photo posted online is a marketing opportunity. It’s a win-win for all stakeholders!

7. Remember, Lighting  Goes A Long Way

People love Christmas lights – no matter the form they take! If you already have tree-lined streets lit up for the season, you are already off to a good start. Consider adding more elements to the canopy of the trees, or making a roundabout tree a focal point with Light Spheres or Prostars hung above.

Besides trees, small walkways are perfect for creating light canopies. “People LOVE walking under lights.”

-Nicole Cintron, Creative Director at Dekra-Lite

If you think you have great coverage, and everything has lights. Think again. We have net lighting that can you can easily drape on shrubs and bushes for a little extra sparkle and shine.


8. Try Banner Enhancers

Dekra-Lite designers are great at finding creative ways to improve your existing decor, but we also create pieces that are specifically designed to enhance particular items.

For example, if you have a parking lot pole with holiday banners, you may consider using lit banner enhancers to add light and design. You can also add decorated or vinyl garland to the pole to hide the banner hardware.


Create a Magical Experience for Your Guests

By trying just one of our insider tips, you will surely enhance your existing decor package. But if you really impress your guests, you can use a few tricks ideas together. The end result will be a magical experience that everyone will enjoy.