On June 25th, The Minnesota Twins visited The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at The Big A during Christmas Hat Giveaway Night. The game fell on the six-month countdown to Christmas and what better way to celebrate! It makes sense that the Dekra-Lite Elves were there to help decorate the stadium for the record-breaking night!

Christmas at the Angels Game

Santa Hats were distributed to guests as they arrived for the game and fans were delighted to see garlands and wreaths hanging all through stadium as they found their seats. The plan to help celebrate Half Way to Christmas was to break the Guiness World Book of Records for most Santa Hats worn in one place. As the fans cheered and got to experience wreaths hung throughout the inner stadium and one in the famous outfield waterfall, attendance was announced at 35,671 which surely beat the previous record of 872. A Guiness World Record adjudicator made the record official after the fans wore their Santa Hats for five consecutive minutes in the fifth inning. For the Angels, Christmas came early and they beat the Twins 6-2.

Dekra-Lite loves partnering with Organizations, Cities, Properties and Theme Parks to make Christmas come alive for their guests! From the smallest strand of lights to a sixty foot tree, Dekra-Lite has the know-how and staff to make your holiday décor dreams come to life. The holiday season is fast approaching so call to speak to one of our design experts todays!