How to Protect Your Artificial Tree

So you’ve bought your beautiful artificial tree, gave it a nice fluff, and have commenced to decorating it with delight. You think, “how nice it is not to have to worry about watering the tree–what a great idea!”

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Pro Decor Tip: Fluffing Your Holiday Decor

Your majestic pre-packaged tree arrives in its box. Giddy with excitement, you take it out, place it where it brings the most cheer, and make sure it’s stable and dazzling. Then, you stand back and marvel at how much more festive the area feels. But there’s one step missing from this process. It's the one that separates the pros from the beginners... fluffing.

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The Latest in Holiday Tree Technology: The RGB Plus Tree Collection

Most of us don’t associate Christmas trees with the latest in “high tech,” but Dekra-Lite’s RGB Plus Tree Collection is changing the Christmas tree game for good with the latest in illumination technology. Our RGB Plus Trees will delight your customers' senses with its twinking technology.

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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Professional

Decorating for the holidays is always easier said than done, and creating a Christmas tree is no different. Here’s are a few tips to help you decorate your tree like a pro. When you are finished, your tree will like it was created by Santa’s elves! […]

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Find Your Style

It’s no surprise then that finding your own personal flair for holiday décor will make a difference and help you stand out to your customers. But how to find your own unique holiday style?

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Choosing Holiday Lighting: Cool White vs. Warm White

One of the hottest Christmas debates over the past decade has been warm white or cool white in regards to your Christmas decor and program. Most of us can tell the difference when the two are side-by-side but do we really understand why they are so different and how best to utilize them? […]

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How to Create a Focal Point Customers Will Love

Christmas decorations can be a great marketing tool and have come to be expected around the holidays. Festive lights, giant trees and welcoming décor can attract tenants and visitors alike but where do you begin? Budgets of any size will benefit by creating focal […]

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To Buy Or Lease Your Holiday Décor?

“To buy or to lease?” That is the question. From cars to houses, and many things in between, we often have the option to buy or lease. But did you know that this option is also available when you’re looking at holiday décor? Yes, it is! […]

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How Much Should I Plan To Spend On Our Holiday Decor?

Our Creative Director, Nicole Cintron, explains how Dekra-Lite works with any budget to create lasting holiday memories.  Subscribe for more #DekraLiteMinute videos!

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Why Holiday Décor is Important and How to Make It Magical

There is that moment when you turn the corner into your neighborhood and you see it . . . a house, whimsically adorned with twinkling Christmas lights. It is the first sign of the season that says, “the holidays are coming,” and the festive spirit rises up within you. […]