Unique Christmas Wreaths to Inspire Special Memories New and Old

  Today is the day they continue a tradition. They wiggle on their soft sweaters, find a cozy temperature in the car, and drive. They park. Holding hands, they begin walking. She squeezes her hand tight with mysterious anticipation. Under the store archway they stop. There it is. A grand Christmas wreath welcoming them into something magical. Mom sighs with a warm feeling in her chest, the wreath reminds her of all the times she and her mother went Christmas shopping together. Memories of hot chocolate and a bag full of presents and good memories. It’s classic, a tradition in itself, yet this wreath is entirely unique–something stands out as of this time and of deserving a new memory all its own. Mom looks at her young daughter, eyes wide with wonder at the wreath. This one will be her first memory, one that she hopes will never leave her. They walk under the wreath, and begin their journey of gift gathering at their favorite stores. Dekra-Lite’s unique wreaths are a decorative element you won’t want to leave out of your Holiday Program. They rekindle classic holiday cheer while making new memories that customers will forever associate with the holiday experience you [...]

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Industry News – Section 301 Tariffs

The US Government has taken action on three sets of Chinese-orgin goods subject to additional tariffs under Section 301. List 1:  On July 6, 2018 the US levied 25% tariffs on $34 billion in Chinese goods. List 2:  Ongoing is the public notice and comment for tariffs on an additional $16 billion worth of products. List 3: On July 10th, the office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) announced a proposed adjustment to Section 301 Import Tariff  List in response to China's retaliation of US Tariffs. The additional products have a trade value of $200 billion. To the best of Dekra-Lite's knowledge, our Christmas decor and Lighting products are exempt from List 1-3. We will continue to monitor the developments of these tariffs.  Our goal is to minimize the impact to our valued customers and partners and to advance preparation for the potential monetary implications on these tariffs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-436-3627.

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We Have More Exciting Board News – Welcome Jean and Angelo!

Dekra-Lite Industries, Inc., a premier provider of commercial and wholesale Christmas decorations, today named Jean Latu and Angelo Ponzi to its Board of Directors. Latu and Ponzi join the company’s board under the direction of Richard Franzi, chairman of the board and CEO/founder of Critical Mass for Business. Dekra-Lite is a privately held, employee-owned company located in Southern California. “We welcome Jean and Angelo to our Board of Directors and look forward to having them share their vast expertise to help us meet our business goals,” said Jeff Lopez, president and founder of Dekra-Lite Industries, Inc. Richard Franzi, Dekra-Lite’s chairman of the board, said, “I look forward to working with Jean and Angelo in supporting Dekra-Lite’s executives and employee-owners in pursuing continued growth with the goal of exceeding the expectations of all of their stakeholders.” Franzi also serves as the CEO and founder of Critical Mass for Business, a peer-learning organization of which Lopez, Ponzi, and Latu are all members. “I’m delighted to join the board of Dekra-Lite, and I look forward to serving them and helping them meet their marketing goals and take their company to a new level,” said Angelo Ponzi, new Dekra-Lite board member and CMO of Path2HappiSuccess. “It’s [...]

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Dekra-Lite Industries, Inc. Names Richard Franzi Chairman of the Board

Dekra-Lite Industries, Inc. today named Richard Franzi chairman of its board. Franzi has been on Dekra-Lite’s board since 2015 and now begins his duties as chairman of the board this month. “We look forward to having Richard Franzi lead the Dekra-Lite board. In his tenure as a board member, he has helped us grow our company by bringing insights and mentorship to our team,” said Jeff Lopez, president and founder of Dekra-Lite Industries, Inc. Lopez has been a member of Franzi’s Critical Mass for Business community since 2016. “Dekra-Lite is an amazing company committed to creating memorable holiday experiences for its customers. Its company culture of honesty, integrity and respect for its customers and employees has driven the firm’s innovation in commercial holiday décor since its founding in 1987,” said Richard Franzi, CEO and founder of Critical Mass for Business. “I look forward to supporting Dekra-Lite’s executives and employee-owners in continued growth with the goal of exceeding the expectations of all of their stakeholders.” Richard Franzi is the founder and CEO of Critical Mass for Business. He is the author of several business books, including the Critical Mass: The Power of CEO Guiding Principles series of books. His first book, Critical Mass: The [...]

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An Exciting New Chapter Begins

We're proud to announce our unique Partnership with Globall concept. Both long-standing and renowned in festive illumination and decoration, we decided to team up to better serve customers in the United States market. As the exclusive partner of Globall concept, Dekra-Lite becomes the unique supplier of Globall concept's wide range of products and unique design ideas in the U.S. market.  Globall concept first arrived in the US in 2012 and now aims to continue the momentum of gaining a stronger presence in the United States by working hand-in-hand with this prestigious company.  This partnership allows both companies to share their collective vision of festive decoration, which is to continually innovate by using fresh designs and finding new ways of creating memorable holiday experiences for their customers. “We are pleased to announce that we have joined hands with a market leader,” said Thierry Lewalle, Managing Director, Globall concept.  “It is a great opportunity for Globall concept to work with Dekra-Lite, who is sharing the same vision of what a successful Christmas decoration is for us and our customers: a subtle mix of innovation, design and added value.” To say we are excited for this new chapter is an understatement.  Globall concept boasts a vast [...]

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It’s 100 Days Until Christmas!

Today marks 100 days until Christmas and we’re excited! Christmas is that special time of year which brings about joy, goodwill, Starbucks holiday cups, unreal Amazon lightning deals, endless food and days off work! Family and friends come together wearing ugly sweaters and kids get more excited with each passing toy commercial as Santa’s visit draws near. There’s no other time of year when we can pack into the car with our Venti hot chocolate and drive around viewing beautiful and amazing holiday decorations. Christmas is coming! Yeah, we know, before Christmas day arrives, we’ve got Halloween and Thanksgiving day to look forward to. You may be thinking, “Christmas already? I’m still deciding on my Halloween costume!” Well, so are we! We’ve got 45 days to figure one out. Still, with our immediate focus on what to wear for Halloween and what food to contribute on turkey day, there’s a constant reminder in the back of our minds that Christmas is near. 100 days near to be exact! Here at Dekra-Lite, we live Christmas year-round and our own countdown begins in Spring when we embark on customizing holiday décor and mapping out dazzling programs for the coming season. You might assume that [...]

The Many Uses of Angel Lights

Angel lights, also known as fairy lights, string lights or seed lights, are often kept stored in the attic or closet until Christmas time rolls around. But these unique and pretty lights can be used for everyday décor, year round lighting, and even the most unconventional applications. Transform a seemingly simple object into something beautiful or create the perfect atmosphere in your home, patio, garden or office. No matter what time of year it is, angel lights are perfect for stylish and clever decoration. First, it important to know your options since Angel lights come in several styles. Be sure to purchase outdoor angel lights if you’re using them for your patio or garden. These are weatherproof, waterproof, and suitable for using outside. Different light options include LED, 12V, and 24V. It is also a good idea to choose the size and shape of the bulb. Small bulbs create a Christmas-light look and are good for year-round use. Larger bulbs are more common on party lights and summer string lights. Finally, you can choose between white, amber, blue, green, pink, purple, red and many other colors. Using Angel Lights in the Home If you’re looking for a simple DIY project using angel lights, [...]

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The Best Time to Order Commercial Christmas Decor

With Summer season in full swing, most of us are reveling in thoughts of family vacations, trips to the beach and barbeque get-togethers, while many businesses are celebrating company picnics and working around employee vacations.  During summertime, planning holiday décor for your business property may be the furthest thing from anyone’s mind.  You may think it’s much too early to think about Christmas décor. The truth is, the best time to begin planning a Holiday Décor program for your company property is right NOW. The most memorable and magical Christmas programs happen when you plan and prepare well in advance.  So as you plan your summer concert calendar and finalize the menu for the company picnic, you may also want to call a meeting with the team to start planning your property's Christmas décor. Unfortunately, the magic of Christmas doesn’t just happen magically. Depending on your budget, the size of your property and your desired décor, a holiday program can take several months of planning, design, preparation and fabrication, before one Christmas lightbulb can be installed. Commercial decorating companies often work with theme parks, shopping centers and cities to provide show-stopping holiday programs, and procrastinating on your holiday décor program may have [...]

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Marketing Your Commercial Business with Vinyl Graphics

In today’s competitive marketplace, it takes well-coordinated marketing and advertising to attract consumers to your business.  When you plan your marketing campaign, you may think to use traditional advertising such as newspaper and radio ads, or online advertising such as web ads and social networks. However, if you’re not including storefront marketing in your strategy, you could be missing out on the most accessible consumers of all -- neighbors, shoppers, and tourists who can readily bring business through your door. Inexpensive and invaluable advertising To attract customers to your storefront, especially if your business is new, you need to stand out from the crowd. An effective way to do this is the use of vinyl graphics. Using vinyl graphics to market your business can transform your shop from dull and dreary to eye catching and exciting. A well-placed graphic on your window façade offering discounts, sales or new products can attract curious shoppers. It’s an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness, attract the eye of potential new customers and is a creative method of getting your messages across. Window graphics can also create curiosity, as they shield the inside of your premises from being completely seen. If a potential customer is intrigued [...]

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Introducing Our New Christmas Essentials Catalog

Our 2017-2018 Christmas Essentials Catalog is here! Dekra-Lite, Inc. is excited to announce its newest Christmas Essentials product catalog. Our 2017-2018 catalog is packed with new and impressive commercial Christmas decorations to illuminate and decorate your holidays, including dazzling new ornament colors, beautiful signature collection Christmas trees, stylish props and décor, an interactive animation set, scene setters, vintage lighting selections, new RGB lighting options, LED Christmas lights and more. Whether you prefer classic décor in red, green and gold elegance, a coastal design for a contemporary look, or our precious metal theme in all its rustic beauty, our 2017-2018 Christmas Essentials catalog will provide you with endless ideas and options to beautify your commercial or residential property for the upcoming Holiday season. View our new Christmas Essentials catalog here. For questions regarding our catalog products or to schedule a design consultation for your commercial property, city, municipal center, shopping mall, entertainment complex or amusement park, contact us today at info@dekra-lite.com  or 800.436.3627. Wholesale pricing is available to qualified distributors, contact us today for more information.