“To buy or to lease?” That is the question. From cars to houses, and many things in between, we often have the option to buy or lease. But did you know that this option is also available when you’re looking at holiday décor? Yes, it is!

There is no universal right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing to buy or lease your holiday décor, but we know it can be a potentially complicated and difficult decision. That’s why we have some insights to help make your decision easier:

Buying: Purchasing your own décor can be a super profitable and prudent investment, especially since high-quality commercial grade holiday décor can last for many years.  When buying décor, depending upon the size and scale of your program, you may need to start slowly and continue to add new pieces year after year. This can bring fresh excitement to your customers as there’s always something new they’ll see each year within your holiday scene.

Another benefit is the ability to change the entire look of your program through a simple color palette change: tired of your décor’s red and gold theme –or maybe just hungering for a little change? Simply swap out the ornamentation for some teals and blues of a coastal theme, or perhaps a more whimsical candy cane theme for an overall low-investment refresh.

Some of the downsides of décor ownership can include: keeping the décor for too long, not investing in refurbishment, and having to determine and obtain approval on an annual budget.

Leasing: Leasing is a good option if you want a lot of décor, but only have a small budget. Dekra-Lite offers three and five-year leasing options–with refurbishment included– through the term of the lease to ensure that everything maintains the highest possible quality. Another benefit of leasing is having a consistent payment amount year-over-year so that you can easily plan and prepare your budgets. However, a lease can be very limiting, especially if you want to change the look and feel of your décor each year to stay fresh, topical, or are looking to have unique, custom-created items as a part of your holiday display.

Still not sure which option is best for you and your business? The Dekra-Lite Design Team is happy to answer your questions to determine your best option to help make your holidays merry and bright with a special custom holiday program – call 800-436-3627.