5 04, 2019
  • Pro Decor Tip:  The Beauty of Light is in the Bulb

Pro Decor Tip: The Beauty of Light is in the Bulb

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Dazzling. Sparkling. Soft. Warm. Cool. White. Red. Green. Illuminating . . . light. The endless subject of poets and artists, it is also an essential element of any Christmas. And what does that Christmas light dance out from? Bulbs, of course! That’s why knowing some differences in your bulbs can be incredibly useful. […]

7 11, 2014

Unique Christmas Decorations: Lit Displays

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Christmas decorations come in all shapes and sizes. There are many commercial Christmas displays that use the same types of decorations. Santa, a Christmas tree and many other things are common types of decorations. If a business wants to make sure that their decorations stand out, they need to consider what will make it stand out. It is possible to come up with unique Christmas decorations that no one else is using. The problem with this, is the customers that see it may not be able to identify with it. Instead of trying t0 reinvent the wheel when it comes to commercial holiday decorations, it may be better to think about ways to enhance the traditional decorations that are used. One way to accomplish this is through the use of light displays. Lights are a traditional part of commercial Christmas decorations. If they are used properly, they can turn every display into something special. A business should consider the different ways that lit displays can help them out. Outdoor Displays Outdoor Christmas lights are great for helping people spot a business. A brightly lit store that looks festive will attract more customers than one that is not lit. It is also possible [...]

31 10, 2014

Commercial Christmas Decorations: 5 Benefits of Specialty Lighting

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One of the keys to running a successful business is to have the right type of lighting. It does not matter if the business is an office setting or if it is a retail setting. The types and amount of lighting they have will impact how well they do. It only makes sense that if lighting is important to the success of a business. It also makes a difference in how successful the commercial Christmas decorations that a business uses will be. Outdoor Christmas lights have been around for a long time, but they have changed over the years. There are many different types of lights that can be used and they offer many benefits to the business. Specialty lighting that is used to create unique Christmas decorations will benefit the business in several ways. Saving money It may not seem like it, but modern specialty lighting can save money. A business that offers wholesale Christmas lights may offer these lights at a reasonable price. LED bulbs that are used in many types of specialty holiday lights are more energy efficient and last a lot longer than other types of lighting. Over time, the new modern specialty lighting is much cheaper than [...]

23 07, 2014

Commercial Christmas Decorations: Incandescent vs. LED light bulbs

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There are various different types of Christmas lights, including There are colorful lights, both flashing and non-flashing, string lights, rope lights, net lights, and bulbs. At Dekra-Lite, we receive a lot of questions about our CFLs, incandescent, and LED bulbs. In this article, we are going to differentiate them from each other. Price-When comparing the different options, the first thing you may notice is the price difference. LED bulbs are far more expensive than typical incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs were one of the first types of lighting created to replace incandescent lighting. Because they use less energy, they save money and are becoming more popular. As they gain popularity, their price should drop. Directional- LED lights tend to be directional, meaning they are great if they are going to be stationary or pointing in one direction. Brightness- LED lights are typically brighter than incandescent lights, but they don't bring as much light into the room. Incandescent lights and CLFs, on the other hand, can brighten an entire room. They are ideal for larger areas that need to be lit up. Temperature- LED light cool much quicker after they are turned off than other types of light. This can be beneficial when hanging holiday lights. Commercially, [...]