Vines of light crawl up a long pole, stretching to the stars above. What was once an ordinary grey streetlamp outside your building is now transformed into a magical beacon of flickering festive light. Whether you’re decorating towering street poles or more pint-sized poles, adding different types of light pole decor to your holiday ensemble is a powerful way to turn drab, utilitarian poles into impressive pieces of wonder.

Questions to Answer Before Decorating a Light Pole Banner

If you’re interested in adding light pole décor, then there are a few essential questions you should answer before you begin.

  • First and foremost, does the light pole or poles you are thinking of decorating have power? Can you get power to there from nearby?
  • If power is available, would it make your decorations visible during both the day and the night?
  • What is the size of the light pole? Is it a street pole, shopping center light pole, or a small barrier pole? What is the height, and can it handle wind loads?

Pole decorations can range from 2′ to 8′ tall. The 8’ would not work on smaller poles because they would be too close to the ground and may interfere with the flow of traffic from both vehicles and people. The more prominent decorations or pole mounts would work on street poles as they are usually about 27 feet tall and have plenty of room to stay clear from the traffic flow. The light pole decorations should be at least 14’6” to provide clearance for trucks.

Once you have determined the answers to these essential questions, you can start the fun part, which is choosing your decorations! Do you want a zigzag tree, stocking, present, reindeer, Santa, shooting star, candy cane? There are endless designs available in our Dekra-Lite line of pole décor, which you can view HERE.

Want something more personalized? We can customize your pole mount! Just reach out to one of our Dekra-Lite sales team staff, and we will talk over everything needed to make your pole light decor something special for you and your customers.