Like the consistent rising and falling of the sun and moon, every family enjoys their unique holiday rhythms. Some families love to go out after breakfast. They want to laugh, play, and shop under the energizing smile of the sun. Other families enjoy nighttime dinners, late night movies, and brisk walks amidst festive lights. When it comes to decorating, it’s essential to understand how holiday decor will look during the various times of the day.

Holiday Decor That Shines Bright Day & Night

The incredible magic of high-quality creative holiday décor is that it can be made to stand out during the day and at night. Dekra-Lite prides itself on having unique and spectacular pieces and collections that shine bright at any hour of the day. Here are a few of our favorite pieces.

  • Grapevine Collection. Our grapevine collection is an excellent addition to any grassy area or courtyard. Handcrafted with natural grapevine reeds, with natural oil or gloss white finishes, these classic reindeer and spheres give a rustic look and feel during the day and at night–shimmering with cool and warm white lighting. They can be prancing bucks with majestic antlers, does, fawns, or an entire family!
  • RGB Plus Tree Technology. As stated in our post, RGB Plus Tree Technology, these color-changing giant tree productions will make an unforgettable night scene this holiday season. During the day, our giant trees are decorated with both classic and elegant décor packages. They match the surrounding holiday program, so they are also perfect for daytime photo ops.
  • Acrylic Sculptures. No need to visit a zoo to see some cuddly animals this season! Why? Because our acrylic sculptures are great for indoor and outdoor arctic scenes. From penguins to polar bears, these sculptures inspire a friendly draw to space and give a cool white glow in the evening.
  • Globall concept. Our Belgium partners, Globall concept, deliver an exquisite line of spectacular light displays! They often use a clear mesh material that is injected with glitter. The sparkles allow their pieces to both shine during the day and sparkle at night.

These are just a few unique pieces and collections that will help your holiday decor shine. They will also give your customers a magical experience that they will be sure to tell others.

If you want to learn more or want to speak with one of our experts to help decide what pieces will be best for you, please call (800) 474-5179.