While no one knows everything about Christmas décor, we, at Dekra-Lite, feel confident in saying that we know our stuff. After 32 years as the premiere Christmas decorating specialists, we have seen many clients make similar mistakes. To save you a few headaches this holiday season, we have compiled a list of some things we’ve learned over the years. Keep them in mind when planning, preparing, installing, and implementing your holiday program.

Christmas Decorative Essentials

Here are a few Christmas décor essentials.

  • Proper Power Supply. Our décor pieces have different power needs. It’s crucial to know what they are so you can provide an adequate power source for each element. Selected areas also need to supply the sources of electricity. This is a common issue when clients want to light trees and outdoor locations. Next, you will need items to hide the power supply–power cords and frames ruin the look of any Christmas display!
  • The Ability to Add Extra Power to Locations. If you plan to have a large lit display, you will need extra electricity. Thoroughly review your capacity and chat with your experts to find out what your capabilities are.
  • Property Safety Regulations. Every property has its own set of safety regulations. For example, some places may have weight and height specifications that decorations need to meet.
  • A measure of the Location. This is a common mistake. Sometimes the location may not be large enough to accommodate the size or the splendor of your chosen décor. On the other hand, the decorative elements may be too small for an area. Measurements are essential when deciding which items to use and are well worth the minimal effort.
  • Know the Exact Measurements of the Décor.Know the actual size of the décor when coming up with a Christmas plan. Having the wrong measurements could lead to an unsatisfying display. For example, choosing the wrong size of ornaments on a Christmas tree could look very awkward and unappealing.
  • Is the Product for Interior or Exterior Use? Most decorations are designed to be used indoors, while others belong outside. Knowing where an item belongs is vital for numerous reasons. For one, using an indoor product outside can get damages quickly.
  • Get the Right Quantity. Some locations need more decorations than others to fill space.
  • Platforms, Fences, Risers, and Bases. These are great for adding height, stability, and security. You can also use them to hide power cords and outlets.
  • Storage. You will need a place to adequately store all of your décor pieces both before and after the season. No worries if you don’t, we can offer the proper storage if you need it!
  • Professional Installers to Build the Larger Items. Some specialty items need to be installed by highly trained professionals. Non-professionals should not attempt to install them.
  • The Proper Hardware and Accessories. Make sure you have all the necessary hardware and accessories for your décor pieces like timers, adapters, brackets, etc. These can often get lost or misplaced while taking down and storing the items if you are not careful.
  • Extra backups. Imagine, it’s the day of your big holiday unveiling, and you expect a big turn out. Right before the event, someone knocks over and breaks an important decorative or hardware piece. Believe us, it happens. To prepare for accidents like this, it’s always a good idea to carry backups of crucial decorations whenever possible.
  • Warranty and Refurbishments. Nothing lasts forever. It is essential to know the warranty for your decorations. You should also expect that the décor will need a new paint job or replacements every once in a while.
  • Budgets: If you’re beginning to create your holiday program or implementing an extensive refurbishment, it is best to start with budgets so that we can meet your needs and wants.
  • Time Frame. Having a schedule is the best way to ensure you get everything done one time. Depending on how large the project is, you may not be able to complete it overnight.  With proper planning, you can ensure everything gets done according to your expectations.
  • Keep Shipping and Delivery Schedules in Mind. When ordering, allow for enough time for the shipment and installation. Leaving things to the last minute can often lead to delivery backup and installation time-loss.
  • Easy Access to the Location. Depending on where you plan to install the décor, you may need large trucks or bulky equipment. It’s often necessary to have a designated route or path to get to the designated area.
  • Order Early. Custom items take more time to arrive than decorations that are already designed. Ordering early can give you enough time to fix or modify items that don’t meet your standards.

There are so many things to keep in mind when it comes to Christmas décor. Keeping the things we mentioned above in mind, will help you create a successful holiday program.

Do you have questions about creating a successful holiday décor program? Please feel free to call us at 1-866-206-8185 or email us at Info@Dekra-Lite.Com.