There are plenty of different ways to create a great Christmas display for a business. Some businesses want a modern approach. They want the lights and lasers that flash on and off. They want a Santa that looks modern and they want something that uses the technology that is available. For many businesses, these modern commercial Christmas displays may be the right fit. They are not a great fit for everyone.

Instead of creating a modern display, it may be better to look for more traditional commercial holiday decorations. This approach to decorating will appeal to many people and can bring back memories of Christmas past and the things that they enjoy about the season. The thing that businesses have to determine is what the classic holiday decorations are.

The Christmas tree

A large tree is often the centerpiece of a classic collection of Christmas decorations. A large tree will be able to handle giant Christmas ornaments without be swallowed up by them. It is also important to remember the Christmas garland that belongs on every tree.


While modern lights are very popular, traditional lights can be just as appealing. Lighting can be a big part of commercial holiday decorations, but they do not have to be the main thing that everyone looks at. Traditional lighting can be used to enhance the other decorations. Good commercial Christmas lights can be traditional while still taking advantage of the modern technology that makes them efficient.

Other decorations

The tree and the lights may often be the center of the mall Christmas decorations, but they are not all that can be offered. The use of Christmas scenes and figurines are a large part of the best displays. Using Santa and his reindeer in a sleigh is appealing to people even though it is something that has been used for a long time. That does not mean that it is no longer useful. It is still something that will attract a crowd. Many of the traditional decorations that are used in this way may be smaller but it is still possible to find

The great thing to remember is that traditional Christmas decorations can last for a long time. It is possible for a business to turn to places that sell Christmas decorations wholesale to get what they need at an affordable cost. If they take care of the giant ornaments and other large Christmas decorations well, they can reuse them every year. The design can be altered every year to make it look new and to give people something that they look forward to seeing. That will achieve the goal of the commercial Christmas decorations of bringing more people into a business.