There is no doubt that tree or wreath dangling ornaments from snowflakes to nutcrackers, orbs to stars, swans to snowmen, are an essential Christmas tradition. Sometimes, we want to do and decorate things just a little bit differently. Many people expect to see ornaments on the tree, wreath, or garland. But it’s the unexpectedly placed or unconventionally designed pieces that make them stop and say “WOW!”

Keeping your décor surprising and exciting is essential in maintaining customer curiosity. This is what inspires them to want to see what you’re doing this year, and maybe purchase a few things while they are there! That’s why we have compiled a list of non-traditional ways to use ornaments.

Creative Ways to Use Ornaments

  • Use them in an ornament drop, just like we’ve showcased in our “Silver Ornament Drop with Snowflake Frame.” This inspires an elegant and sophisticated non-traditional creative design.
  • Try placing ornaments in a decorative bowl for lobby desks, coffee tables, or concierge desks.
  • Use them as a Christmas Tree Skirt! Place the ornaments all around the base of the tree’s bottom, ranging from 50-300mm.
  • Decorate wreaths with an abundance of ornaments like our Elite Wreath Collection.
  • Skip the foliage altogether and create the wreath using only ornaments! Here is a link to some inspiring ornamental-only wreath ideas.
  • Use them on cake stands, banister decorations, chandeliers, or table hangings.
  • Place them in pots outdoors with some foliage or create an ornamental garden.
  • Place settings, centerpieces, and vases
  • Ornament-only garlands
  • Window displays and shadow boxes

There is no limit to what your imagination can conjure up to bring new decorative flavor to the Christmas classics. Sometimes, just taking out your ornament or ornaments and asking the question, “how can I use this differently?” brings a gushing flow of creative ideas to try.

If you’ve come up with some unique ideas and have some great photos, please share it with us by emailing us or following us on social media!