A few years ago, neon lighting was only available in hand-crafted glass tubes. The tubes contain a specific gas depending on the color of the sign. As energy releases, fluorescent color appears. The color depends on the type of gas used, and the amount of voltage applied in the container. While there are projects where traditional neon lighting is appropriate, designers usually prefer the newer version: LED neon flex lighting.


LED neon flexible lighting, also called neon flex, is a newer option for illuminating neon colors. There are many benefits to using neon flex as opposed to using traditional neon lights. Here are a few.

Neon Flex Versus Traditional Neon Lights

  • More options. Because usable inert gases power traditional glass neon lights, there are a limited number of color options available. Neon flex, on the other hand, is powered by light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LEDs are semiconductors that emit light when voltage is applied, which allows for an endless amount of color options.
  • Create unique shapes. It allows designers to create original shapes and motifs for indoor and outdoor projects.
  • Better end-result. With neon flex lighting, there are no hotspots. It is also brighter and protected against UV rays. Because neon flex is enclosed in a special flexible PVC housing, you can bend it in many unique shapes. The result is a vibrant, long-lasting display with clean lines.
  • More energy efficient. Neon bulbs require more volts than neon flex lighting, making the LED lighting far more energy-efficient than neon bulbs.
  • Longer lasting. Neon Flexible lighting also gives 30,000 hours or more of light and has a longer lifespan than the traditional neon lights which last up to 10,000 hours.
  • Easier installation. One of the best things about flex lights is it’s easy to install. Glass neon lights require a skilled professional to cut the glass into the desired shape. With neon flex lighting, you can cut, bend, and shape your sign into any motif you would like.

The technology used in neon flex allows you to transform any space into an electrical wonderland, or highlight certain areas for unique lighting displays. Because it’s a more modern type of light, many people are unsure how to use it in their projects. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Using LED Neon Flex Lighting

1. Create custom shapes or text

2. Substitute for conventional bulbs in perimeter lighting

3. Outlining signage

4. Replacement for light bulbs within custom ground mounts light displays

5. Make custom shapes for selfie stations

6. Custom neon flex pole mounts

7. Custom neon flex overhead/skyline décor

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