Santa, we shrunk the polar bear. 

Don’t worry; we can blow him up again next year.


What magic is this? Just the union of technology and creativity in our line of Inflatable décor. From huge holiday animals to giant festive ornaments, our inflatables are large enough to make any space more festive. Because you can deflate them after the season, they are easy to store. 

Our 11′ inflatable polar bear, Dennis, for example, inflates in under 2 minutes! Even the largest of elements, like our inflatable reindeer, Constanta, and Irkutsk, shrink down to fit into a 2′ square box for maximum storage efficiency. You can choose from a variety of colors and materials to match any unique space and application. We also offer customization options. 

If you want your ceiling to pop, then explore some of our whimsical hanging elements. For example, Nagoya is a red illuminated ornament, while Usak, is a deliciously jolly hanging inflatable gingerbread man. Tubarao, on the other hand, is a festive candy-wrapped soldier. 

 Some elements, like our soldier, Andrew, can be used hanging or standing. 

Our inflatables really are an unbeatable balance of huge décor delight and a storage breeze. Use them year-after-year in different ways, combinations, and choreography that will keep them fresh for your customers each time. Then, tuck them away easily until next year! So little set up and take down stress for so much joy!