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Design a safe holiday experience for your guests

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What will the holiday season look like?

It's no secret that the 2020 holiday season is going to be different from previous years. While Christmas used to focus on bringing people together, social distancing has caused us to shift. We will need us to change our focus from drawing large crowds to helping our visitors feel like they are in a clean and safe space. Here are a few ways you can bring holiday cheer to your property while without sacrificing the safety of your visitors.

Stay festive with overhead decor

Overhead decor is a great way to bring holiday cheer to your property without jeopardizing the safety of your visitors. Because guests can't reach them, they are suitable for a safer holiday season.

Add anything from holiday lights and giant ornaments to garland and hanging inflatables to your property.

Emphasize cleanliness

When it comes to a pandemic, there is no higher priority than the health and wellness of your guests, employees, and retailers. It's important to create an environment where your guests feel like they are in a safe and welcoming space. Many businesses have already added hand sanitizers throughout their properties. During the holidays, encourage your guests to take advantage of these sanitizing stations by adding festive graphics. How cute are the Santa-tizing graphics pictured below?!

Guide visitors with directional signage

When it comes to stopping the spread, physical distancing is key. But standing six feet apart from others does not come natural to most of us. Although your visitors may know they need to keep their distance from others, it can be frustrating for them to figure out where to stand or wait in line to see your holiday attractions.

For example, walk-through trees are popular attractions for visitors. You may have allowed guests to enter through your walk-though tree from both sides. To comply with social distancing guidelines, you may need to change the flow of traffic to one-way.

You can use directional signage to clearly identify one side of the tree as the entrance and the other as the exit to prevent visitors from getting too close to one another.

You can also use signs to let them know where to wait before it's their turn to walk through the tree.

Encourage safe social-sharing

Selfie-stations are popular among people of all ages. When choosing a selfie-station this year, pick one that does not require guests to touch it.

For example, our walk-through ring with a custom graphic insert allows guests to walk up and take a photo in front of the display without any physical contact. You can even add a custom graphic to make it personal to your property.

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