A new year has begun and our busy elves are excited about the changing season! There are so many hopes and dreams that come along with a new year. What memorable holiday experiences are we going to create this upcoming holiday season? What new products should we select? So many shiny choices, so little time to decide.

What we know for sure is that our elves are enjoying some retail therapy, what a joyous time it is! From ordering Shimmering Light Curtains and Regal Illuminated Snowflakes to Elite Wreaths and of course our old faithful gold, silver and candy apple red ornaments!

As much as our elves would like to stock up on everything, we are focused on innovative products that will only be available through our very own Santa’s Workshop. As we review our long list of products for our senior elves to review, the sweet presence of Dennis and Keith, our polar bears, must be shared with the world! Close your eyes and dream of walking to your favorite holiday spot, the one you’ve been going to since you were a little kid with your family, and imagine being greeted by sweet Dennis or cuddly Keith. They are a must, right? Our elves will be adding a couple hundred to our order. We are sure our senior elves will approve!

Now that our new products for our upcoming holiday season are being ordered, including hundreds of polar bears, our next step will be to update our catalog with the thousands of products that will be available. What did our retail therapy loving elves get themselves into? Well, there’s nothing that our busy elves cannot accomplish with their contagious holiday spirit and can do attitude!

The dreams will soon be a reality! The holiday season is officially only 11 months away and as our new products find a cozy home for a little while in Santa’s Workshop, our elves will be checking them twice before they make their way to our customers.

Stay tuned this year for more #ELFINAROUND updates!