When it comes to commercial Christmas decorations, many property managers and owners will agree, the bigger, the better. This thinking is particularly true when it comes to the tree. But giant commercial Christmas trees require a sizeable investment. 

The larger the tree, the more expensive it will be.

So, what happens when you want a bigger tree than your budget permits?

In situations where you don’t have the resources for a large tree, an option that allows you to grow it over the years can be helpful.

For example, let’s say you have a set budget, but you will have additional funds in your future years. A ‘grow as funds permit’ option will allow you to add height to your tree each year until your tree reaches your desired size.

This is one area where the company you purchase your tree from becomes particularly important. 

You don’t want to buy a growable tree from a company that is unlikely to be around the next year or importing trees from an unreliable source. They may change the specs between production cycles, making it impossible to grow your tree because the pieces won’t match up. 

Inconsistencies can also occur with branch sizes, indexing, coloring, and density. These discrepancies can have an undesirable effect on the appearance of your tree.

It’s best to purchase a Christmas tree, especially one you intend to grow, from a reputable Commerical Christmas company.

At Dekra-Lite, we’ve been in the Christmas tree business for over thirty years. To this day, one of our most popular trees to grow is our Sequoia Tree.

The Sequoia Tree Collection

The Sequoia Tree Collection represents the next generation in giant Christmas tree construction. This is the first tower tree to receive the RSE (Registered Structural Engineer) stamp of approval, making it the safest tree on the market. The Sequoia Tree features self-shaping branches that “spring back” to the original shape reducing assembly time and ensuring your tree looks fantastic each year as you continue to grow it.

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