Style. From our choice of clothes, glasses, to the cars or bicycles we drive, style is that touch of something special that helps define us and grab attention. It’s no surprise then that finding your own for holiday décor will make a difference and help you stand out to your customers. But how to find your unique holiday style?

We can help.

First, choose the right theme. When choosing decorations for your venue/property, there are a few things to take into consideration:

Clientele. Who are your customers? Who visits your property? What do you think that they would like to see? What would bring them joy? If you are catering to clients who expect an upscale or luxury experience, consider a more modern take on the holidays with colors such as champagne, rose, gold, silver, or Living Coral. If your clientele is hip and trendy, consider a unique take on the holidays with eye-catching pops of color and custom graphics—maybe even a custom selfie station for social media marketing! Perhaps your clients lean towards traditional, in which case we have an abundance of options and combinations of red, green, and gold décor.

Surrounding Landmarks. What landmarks surround your venue/location? What does the architecture of your building(s) look like? Are you near the ocean, mountains, forests or city? Is it a place frequented by children, teens, the elderly–all of the above? These are all questions you can ask when trying to decide which way to go with your style.

The Theme. Once you have an understanding of your customers and what they might want, along with your surroundings, the next step is thinking about the theme. We have created a variety of signature-themed foliage that comes pre-decorated for easy installation! Whether you’re looking for classic red and green, or coastal blue and silver tones, our range of curated themes makes Christmas decorating easy.

Trends. Like fashion, holiday décor has its trends and the latest and greatest. Do you know what they are? Our creative team prides themselves on staying up-to-date with the most recent holiday trends and would happy to clue you in. We attend various tradeshows every year to ensure that we are at the top of our game.

Custom décor. If you are looking for something unique, our team of designers can customize a décor package to make your property/venue come to life this holiday season. We can create custom décor packages– lit décor, graphics, and even custom trees. We work with our customers to bring their magical ideas to life. We have a full team of fabricators to create any scale of custom décor.

Budget. So now you have some ideas on the right theme, and it’s time to think about the cost. We know money is always a big concern, but style doesn’t have to come with a big price tag. Even small-budget décor packages can be made stylish with the help of our creative team. Whether you are just buying a tree for your office lobby or décor for an entire mall, we can accommodate your needs. Great style doesn’t have to make your accountants cry!

Events. We create stylized décor for events as well as holidays. Custom image projection systems are a great way to light up and brand your event. Our designers can create custom graphics for banners, backdrops, posters, and more for your event to ensure it is on-brand and in-theme.

 Finding your holiday style can be a fun and rewarding way to create something unique to you and your brand. If you already know what you’re interested in and can’t wait to get started, then we would love to hear from you! Still not sure what is your style, we would love to help!