If you have a large retail space, then going big for the holidays is a must! Otherwise, your customers might prefer to stay at home. Small holiday elves and quaint Christmas trees with diamond-sized bulbs are a beautiful way to decorate a home or small property. But they can quickly get lost and overshadowed in larger spaces.

Here are a few larger-than-life décor elements that can make a massive difference in the success of your holidays season.

Go Big to Success this Holiday Season

  • Giant décor creates an IMPACTLarge locations like malls, lifestyle centers, or wide open areas need equally large décor items to accentuate their property. You don’t want decorations to just become invisible in the vastness–you want them to pop out and bring smiles! For that, bigger is better.
  • Add a touch of the WHIMSICAL! By adding some of our giant inflatable animals or ornaments, you can add a new level of fun to the ceiling of any location. Imagine your full-grown customers feeling like happy little children gazing wide-eyed with wonder at the ceiling that makes them feel small.
  • Speaking of children, both kids and adults will feel the FAMILY FUN when they interact with large items like our large inflatable animals. Polar bears, Dennis and Keith, or Irkutsk, the reindeer are a few examples.
  • PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES. For many people, social media is a huge part of their life. Having a giant lit gift box or letting people walk through Regal Rings can add that magical Christmas background to any selfie pic, and no doubt they will be sure to mention where they took it!
  • Large Christmas décor requires VERSATILITY. Our light bulbs dazzle and illuminate in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • ATTRACTION. When a person is interested in something, they will want to take a closer look. Thus, having large décor will pique the interest of many potential customers near and far to your desired location. For example, if someone sees one of our 30 foot Mosaic Trees, you best believe they will be stopping by to get a closer look.
  • And finally, big beautiful eye-popping pieces can add that EXTRA FINISHING TOUCH to your existing décor. For example, add the Giant Fiberglass Candy Canes or Toy Soldiers to the base of a tree.

Are You Ready to Go Big?

Hopefully, by now, your excitement is holiday huge. If you’re wondering how big and how much, give us a call at (800)478-5179 or email us at info@dekra-lite.com.