It’s the moment of truth. You are ready to place the crown jewel on the majestic pine tree you just finished decorating. The final product will represent all of your hard work and effort.

You wonder…
   Will it look as glorious as you envisioned it?
   Will it generate the response you were looking for?
   Or will it fall flat?

Choosing the Right Tree Topper

Choosing the right tree topper is one of the most challenging decisions you will make when designing your holiday program. The tree topper is the focal point. It’s the “wow” factor of your Christmas tree, and it is a symbolic pinnacle of your holiday program. With such high-stakes, we want to make sure you have as much information as possible to make a decision that yields a successful outcome.

Selecting a tree topper is up to you. You are the artist, the decorator, the Joanna Gaines who doesn’t want to be the person that lights up the tree when plugging in the tree topper. We don’t want you to be like Beyoncé, who put up a Tree Topper and the tree fell to the ground (luckily she was on Punk’d)!

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Tree Topper

  1. The Height of the Tree
  2. The shape of the Tree
  3. The Weight of the Tree
  4. The Decorative Theme of the Tree

Use your best judgment when deciding to put a tree topper on a tree proportionally. The taller and wider the tree is, the smaller the topper will appear. It’s also a matter of perspective. If you were to look at a 12′ tree and decide to put a 9″ Tree Topper, that won’t work. Most importantly, if you are placing a tree inside of a home or a commercial building, please gauge the dims of the space before buying a Tree Topper. You do not want to put a 12″ Tree Topper on if you only have 7″ of space between the tree and the ceiling.

Not only do you have to stress about the pleasing look of the Tree Topper to woo & ahhh your peers or customers, but you also have to worry about the weight of it. If you get something that is too heavy, it will droop the tree like a wilted leaf, or the tree can’t support it at all; making it lean on one side or topple over altogether Beyoncé-style! Keep all these hints in mind when you are deciding to purchase a topper or even possibly doing a DIY project.

Dekra-Lite Offers 6 Tree Toppers of all Sizes

Here at Dekra-Lite, we offer six standard tree toppers. They come in different design and sizes, and we also accommodate custom pieces. If you want more advice from our expert team, or you would like some personal help with choosing and installing your topper, then we would love to hear from you! Please call (866) 244-5802 or email us