From a simple backdrop to an elaborate scene, people of all ages love taking a memorable photo. They also love sharing those images with their friends and family on social media. Everyone has a phone and is ready to snap a quick pic at a moments notice and Christmas is no exception. While families and friends are out shopping and socializing during the season, it’s easy to step in front of a majestic tree or to sit in Santa’s throne to create an instagrammable moment.

Not all photo opportunities are equal. There is a lot more that goes into a successful selfie station that you think. A creative and unique scene or simple decor element will ensure guests and patrons have fun taking photos and making memories. More importantly, they will want to share the fun and excitement by posting to social media, thus increasing your brand and marketing message. With everyone embracing the “selfie,” how can you create magical selfie stations of your own for the holiday season?


Creating Photo Opportunities This Holiday Season

Identify Your Location

Where you place the photo op can be more important than the actual scene itself.  You will also have to evaluate your goals. Are you trying to capitalize on the main entrance 99% of visitors pass through? Or, would you prefer to utilize a blank wall or drive traffic to an area that is visited less frequently? Whatever your goals are, make sure that there is plenty of space for people to gather and wait for their turn to take the perfect selfie. Also consider whether the station is a 360-degree setup, or double-sided with a clear background. Whatever you decide, the best location is the one that people can see easily and is not in the way of other items, like storefronts and other decorative elements.


Set the Scene

Over the years, we’ve learned that the staging and the base are second in importance to the location. You want the display to stand out and feel inviting for people walking. For interiors, we love using red carpet. It screams holiday and is a great way to hide electrical. For exterior use, we custom-built bases to house the electrical and counterbalancing for a finished professional look.


Make Sure There is Signage

Signage can vary significantly depending on your goals. It could be as simple as a logo or as powerful as a catchy hashtag. The most important thing to remember is to place your company or holiday messaging front and center. This detail will ensure that your photo branding is visible in every photo you take. For the holiday season, Dekra-Lite prints gift tags that can be attached to large fiberglass and inflatable pieces. They are used predominately to display property logos and sponsorships.

Printed graphics are a great, economical way to offset the cost of customization. We typically print on a PVC material called Sintra that lasts throughout the season, either inside or out, and can be discarded at the end and reprinted the following year. It’s a great way to change up the look from year to year and for cohesive marketing efforts.


Make it Known

If you invest in a photo op, show it off and get people excited. Consider displaying all the social media posts with your hashtag elsewhere on the property or through your social media. You could also consider holding a contest based on likes and retweets. Having accessible, built-in sharing features like QR codes can increase the chances of people sharing to their entire network.


Keep it Simple

Some of the most successful stations are quite simple and don’t cost much. They play off things that people already love!

At Dekra-Lite, we frequently use our oversized items like a 12′ illuminated Jingle Bell or 10′ Fiberglass Candy Cane. No need to worry about props, people will jump right in and make it their own! We love using our metal or fiberglass sleighs and thrones because people naturally gravitate towards them. Whatever the design, make it easy to use.


Don’t Be Afraid of Technology

Since we just spoke about keeping it simple, some people will shy away from technology. But technology doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. If you invest in the right kind, the technology can reach far beyond the season and give your marketing teams something to utilize during other events.

Augmented Reality has been around a while but recently burst onto the Christmas scene. Patrons download an app and view décor through the app to experience additional content like a dancing gingerbread man or participating in a snowball fight against Santa’s elves!

Another great use of technology is our new Video Selfie concept. It uses a large screen and projector as people dance, walk, bike in front of the video behind them.


Creating an Effective Photo Opportunity

So what are the key take-aways for developing creative and unique displays? Fun and simple wins every time, and of course, if you need ideas, Dekra-Lite can lend expert help. We have plenty of designs that w can customize for your color palette, demographic, and Christmas theme!