You can find a wide variety of shapes and sizes in nature. Sometimes, however, we want to bring new artistry into our surroundings to create the ambiance we want. One way we accomplish this is through topiaries.

For those who don’t know, topiary is the horticultural practice of sculpting foliage into shapes and designs. This foliage includes plants, shrubs, and trees. For the holiday season, topiaries can be key pieces in your décor, or you can use them to fill out the edges as accents to your core design. These pruned plant and shrub shapes can be whimsically twisted and twirled to spiral above snowmen, reindeer, or doorways. They can also be decorated with a variety of ornaments and lights to inspire endless combinations for diverse designs and experiences.

10 Ways to Use Topiaries

  1. Do you have a small space to decorate? Or perhaps you have a  shopping-window-sized nook to fill? Topiaries are perfect for areas that are too small for Christmas trees.
  2. Topiaries make a great lower-cost alternative to larger decorations.
  3. Place them in planters and other areas that need extra foliage.
  4. Add them to Santa sets, lobbies, and hallways as a way to draw attention.
  5. Topiaries can help give any location a natural spring or rustic look. By adding topiary hedges or bushes, you can make a bare room look like a garden. Customers will love walking into an indoor space that makes them feel like they are outside.
  6. Hang topiaries on walls or entrances to make a building look rustic. Or, transform your space into a contemporary, sleek lobby into a leafy wonderland.
  7. Lights play an important role in decorating topiaries. It all depends on the type of topiary you want to create. For a classic look, you can try traditional colors such as green, red, and gold. For a chic, contemporary look, add a soft, white glow. If you are looking for a futuristic fairytale vibe, you can install super programmed RGB LEDs. 
  8. Topiary scrolls are perfect for creating a whimsical look. The first impression is the most important, and adding two topiary scrolls at the entrance of any location can help customers feel warm and welcome.
  9. Dekra-Lite´s topiary garland is UV protected with energy-efficient LED mini lights, which means they can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  10. Topiaries are not limited to Christmas; you can also use them for other holiday or social functions.

There is something magical about combining art and nature. Topiaries will not disappoint your design or your customers! Want to learn more? Check out our website, or contact us at (866) 244-5802.