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Illuminate Large Surfaces and Bring Them to Life with an Image Projection System

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An Image Projection System (IPS) is a projector that illuminates large surfaces with rotating shapes and patterns. To create the imagery, we use gobos. Gobos are stencils, or templates, that go in front of the light source to control the shape of the emitted light.

What is an Image Projection System?

Where can you use an IPS?

There are a variety of places, both inside and outdoors, where you can mount your IPS. Trees and light poles are popular outdoor locations, as many people like to project their designs on walls, sidewalks, rooftops, and streets.

Outdoor Image Projection System

  • High Power 130W Warm White 3,000K LED Bulb with 10,000 + Total Lumens
  • DMX Controlled Electronic Strobe and 16bit Dimming
  • Flicker Free Operation for TV and FILM
  • Average area of projected image is 30' x 30'
  • 28" diameter base, 50 lbs
  • Rotator unit, rain shield, attachment clamp
  • Two (2) stainless steel gobo disks
  • IP65 Rated
  • Storage crate
  • Choose from two mounting options: Pole Mount or Wall Mount
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IPS's in action!

Gobo designs can rotate with adjustable speeds. All IPS systems can illuminate a stainess steel gobo. Light pole and tree mounting brackets are available. Glass Gobos are available in full color designs for added depth and visual interest.

Stainless Steel Gobos

Customize your also gobo with your logo, brand name, etc.!

Image Projection Systems are an innovative and inexpensive way to make an area more festive. Because you can use them for various occasions, they are also an excellent investment. To learn more about Image Projection Systems, please feel free to contact us. Our design experts would love to help! Fill out the form below or call (866) 601-3094 to request more information.

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