There is that moment when you turn the corner into your neighborhood and you see it . . . a house, whimsically adorned with twinkling Christmas lights. It is the first sign of the season that says, “the holidays are coming,” and the festive spirit rises up within you.

The excitement starts to build just after loosening that post-Thanksgiving meal belt, and really drives home when you start to see the sparkle and magic of holiday decorations blossoming up around the community. The enchantment of all of those lights and colors bring contagious smiles to all and having the right holiday décor elements in your own property can create that warm and inviting environment that inspires customers to want to stay at your property, spending their holiday cheer with friends and family shopping and having a good time.

The right holiday décor elements are a powerful marketing tool that create unique holiday experiences that will drive customers onto your property, and keep them there smiling. Simple decor elements such as garland, wreaths, and trees can help to bring about that festive mood, but adding other components such a, let’s says: a Santa set, large scale elements, and selfie stations, can really be a unique draw to your property. These pieces can also help you gain a competitive edge and boost holiday dollars. Social media and the traditional word-of-mouth will be key in generating additional traffic and exposure to your property during the holiday season.

Here’s a tip: make sure to place your large scale elements and selfie stations in both high and low-trafficked areas, along with new locations on your property to ensure customers are visiting all areas. Take advantage of the foot traffic and beautiful décor to develop the community feel through hosting events such as a tree lighting, Santa’s arrival, or tie-ins to food and beverage to really help set the mood. As they say, “a photo is worth a thousand words,” so make sure to incorporate your property or your event’s name into the hashtag to help ensure that your holiday décor goes viral. The possibilities are endless, not only with your décor choice but with how you can use these elements to market your property and increase revenues.

So now you probably have this great magical vision of what your property can look like during the holidays, but the practical (and sometimes so boring!) side of you also knows that your budget won’t cover all of the sugar plums dancing in your head! Don’t worry, we are holiday magic specialists for any budget. Give us a call and we will help recreate that vision that you can continue to grow and build upon, year after year, without breaking your budget.

Whether you’re looking for something more traditional, modern, or even whimsical elements, our team can develop a customized program that will not only draw customers in but give them that memorable holiday experience for years to come.