Creating and cultivating a festive atmosphere for your customers for the holiday season is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your business, both professionally and personally. Yet while staring at your gloriously illuminated and ornament-bedazzled Christmas tree–or watching children frolic around grapevine deer, you might be wondering, “How do I incorporate my business’ branding into this décor in such a way that it both highlights my business, but also doesn’t detract from the delightful atmosphere?”

It’s a great and important question. Luckily, the answers are varied and fun.

Branding Holiday Decor

Personalizing your holiday program to incorporate your mall, city, zoo, complex, business center, etc. can be as simple as adding your brand colors to the ornamentation package on your foliage décor, and then adding another layer of custom painted fiberglass décor to match!

As shared on our Selfie Station page, holiday selfies are getting all those emoji-heart-eyes! Incorporating a selfie station in your holiday decor is a great way to increase brand awareness. Choose a design that will inspire your customers to take a selfie and share it with their friends and family on social media. Make sure your hashtag and logo are visible in photos, but not so overwhelmingly so that people may like they are in your commercial!

You can also add custom Sintra (PVC material) ornament cutouts on your giant Christmas tree. You can use designs that match your theme or add your logo.

Your holiday wreaths are also an excellent location for some other brand messaging! Decorate your wreaths with your brand colors and add a large cutout logo in the center. Then, have it backlit to make it pop!

The opportunities are endless when it comes to branding holiday décor in a way that will attract, and not detract.

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