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Holiday Season With Inflatables

Festive giant inflatables expand in seconds and are easy to store!

Giant Inflatable Decorations

When it comes to Christmas, there is no such thing as too big. These larger-than-life decorations will amaze your residents. From polar bears to festive ornaments, Dekra-Lite has everything you need to delight your patrons this holiday season. Check out a few of our customer-favorites!

Dennis, the Inflatable Polar Bear

Dennis, the Inflatable Polar Bear was a huge hit at Two Rodeo. Shoppers couldn't help but stop and strike a pose in front of this 10' display.

Bilbor, the Inflatable Bear

Bilbor, the Inflatable Teddy Bear was the first product that used this plushy material. He towers nearly 10' tall, making him a fun attraction all on his own.

Irkutsk, the Inflatable Reindeer

What is more iconic than a giant reindeer? People of all ages fall in love with Irkutsk, the inflatable reindeer.

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