Image Projection System (IPS)

The Image Projection System illuminates large surfaces and brings them to life. Stainless steel gobo designs and custom glass slides will give your property a unique style. The rotating image of snowflakes projected on a flat wall or irregular architecture is an eye-stopper.

Outdoor IPS (Black)

• Average area of projected image is 30’x30’
• 28” diameter base, 50 lbs
• 6’ support pole
• Rotator unit, rain shield, attachment clamp
• Two stainless steel snowflake gobo disks
• (1) 575 watt, 120 volt bulb, 185 lbs
• 3’ lead cord
• Storage crate

Indoor IPS (White)

• (150 watts, 12000 hour lamp life)
Comparable brightness and ‘light throw’ to outdoor version with less heat making it suitable for indoor use

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