Most people don’t associate Christmas trees with the latest in technology. This year, Dekra-Lite is changing the game with it’s RGB Plus Tree Collection. RGB Plus Trees use the newest illumination technology. We can guarantee that your customers will love this new twinkling technology!

What Makes the RGB Plus Tree Unique?

The RGB Plus Tree collection furthers the capabilities of existing illumination technology. The new, brighter, and vivid full-spectrum color changing RGB LEDs dance, twinkle, and shimmer to classic holiday music. This creates a mesmerizing animation that takes the guest experience to the next level.

“Over the years we have designed and installed many RGB programs, so we have a good feel for what is required for a successful, maintenance free program. We’re excited to disrupt the holiday decor industry with our RGB Plus collection.”

– Mike Sterling, Dekra-Lite General Manager

This 2019 holiday season, you will see changes in Dekra-Lite’s RGB Sequoia Tree programs. These changes will bring robust computer technology, standardization, pre-programming, and control system optimizations. This will allow us to provide clients a high-quality product that is easy to install and use.

So, what do we include with an RGB Plus Tree?

  • You will need a powerful system to control the RGB Plus line of C7 custom programmable light strands. Sizes depending on the tree hight you select. You can find this information in your list of parts.
  • The C7 light strands come pre-installed on branches, and you must assemble them according to the instructions.
  • Speakers
  • Cables
  • All of the accessories that are necessary to install a complete program.

See our accessories list to add enhancements to your program.

Ready to design your custom RGB tree and take your holiday decor to the next level?

If you are unsure of where to start, you can contact a Dekra-Lite design specialist today by calling 800-436-3627!