RGB Trees

Designing your 60'+ Animated RGB Tree

Go Big This Season

Our RGB Premium Plus Tree furthers the capabilities of illumination technology by taking your patrons through a journey of holiday wonder, music, and vivid lights. In order to create a magnificent program, we require a consultation to discuss design, installation, programming, program options, and pricing for our giant RGB Premium Plus Trees over 60'.  These consultations are an important venue to discuss your visions, ideas, and capabilities. We’ve curated a list of variables we will review before designing your new RGB magical light show tree. For RGB Trees under 60', check out our Pre-Programmed RGB Tree page.

The Show

Before we start programming your custom light show, we’ll need to know:

• Will there be a tree lighting ceremony?

• What songs would you like to play?

• In what order should the songs play?

• What time of day will the show run?

• How often should the show play?

• What would you like displayed between shows?

• Do you have experience with controlled lighting products?

• If necessary, is there Wi-Fi accessible to maintain the tree’s control system?

The Ornamentation

RGB lights dance in the dark but if you want a dazzling daytime display, let’s talk ornamentation:

• Are you matching an existing decor color palette?

• Do you have brand colors to incorporate?

• Are you looking for a modern or traditional color scheme?

• Would you like to add texture with our designer ornaments?

Delivery and Installation

Location Logistics:

• What size tree are you looking for?

• Does your desired tree size suit the area in which it will be displayed?

• Where will the tree be installed?

Delivery Logistics:

• When do you need your tree installed?

• Who will be installing your centerpiece?

• How will you store your tree after the season?

Installation Logistics:

• What are the power requirements?

• Is a ballast required for your outdoor tree? 

• If necessary, do you have the proper engineering and permitting requirements? 

• How will you be maintaining your tree throughout the season?

Ready for more?

Shop our control systems, ornamentation packages, tree toppers, fencing, and custom signage to perfect your Giant RGB display.

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