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Create a dynamic holiday program with vibrant rainbow lighting.

Choreograph a Color-Changing Show!

Add color and life to your commercial holiday display with our animated RGB Collection. These color-changing lights are alive with vibrance and can be programmed to dance, twinkle, and sashay to mesmerize onlookers of all ages. With trees, light strands, and fun and festive décor options, this collection is sure to steal the show!

Check out our Comprehensive RGB Guide for everything you need to know about your display!

Illuminate Your Space in Style

Our RGB light strands are vivid and versatile! These lights’ color-changing capabilities bring elaborate light displays to life, perfect for creating a magical holiday atmosphere or brightening your year-round lighting solutions.

Amplify Your Ambience

Our RGB decorations bring colorful brilliance to holiday themes and year-round decor. From festive snowflakes to bold light spheres, our RGB props and decor include everything you need to plan a merry and bright display.

Revamp Your Tree With RGB

Add some animation to your holiday display with an RGB Sequoia Tree and prepare yourself for the light show of a lifetime! Watch your customers light up with joy as captivating lights put on a kaleidoscopic performance, twinkling, shimmering, and dancing along to classic Christmas tunes.

See for Yourself

Running your own over-the-top holiday production is easy with our RGB collection. We can pre-program your light show so you can control your display with just the push of a button. See just how much our RGB lights can do!