A Christmas decoration here and a splash of color there! Although creating a holiday program out of random decorations you like can be fun, it won’t do much for your commercial property. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a theme and stick to it this year.

Benefits of Sticking to a Theme

Sticking to a theme has many benefits, including:

  • Creates a unique and attractive environment for your customers
  • Helps inspire the particular feeling you want
  • Promotes your brand identity

Creating a Theme for Your Holiday Program

Spice up Traditional Christmas Colors. Everyone is familiar with the classic Christmas colors: red, green, and gold. Spice up this traditional approach by changing up the tones. Doing so can modernize your décor and create a fresh look. For example, try switching out red for burgundy. Or, keep the red, but use a beaded ornament. You can also use tropical turquoise or jade-green accents instead or the classic green color.

Experiment with Bright Colors. Maybe you want to avoid traditional color schemes altogether? You can create a fun and bright display by experimenting with neon colors and RGB elements.
If you are trying to inspire a cool and breezy vibe, then you may want to create a coastal-themed package.

Incorporate Different Tones and Textures. Jewel tones combine different colored ornaments to create a stylish, vibrant, and eye-catching display. Texture, on the other hand, can change the style of your décor as well. Adding a textured ornament can add depth and is a simple way to elevate your look. Experiment with both.

Complement Your Property. Your property is going to be most important when selecting a theme for your holiday program. Think about your existing décor and architecture. The style of your building can give you lots of ideas. The decorations that work best with a Spanish-style building will be very different from the pieces that enhance a modern structure.

Here are a few color themes to inspire your program.

  • Modern- jewel tone, neon, coastal, candy cane
  • Spanish- jewel tone, classic, traditional, pops of bright colors with white stucco
  • Craftsman- traditional, classic, deep colors like burgundy and gold
  • Upscale luxury– elite (garland, wreath, drops), textured ornaments, monochrome

The Possibilities are Endless!

When it comes to choosing a holiday theme, the possibilities are truly endless. That’s why it’s best to consider your architecture, brand color schemes, and what kind of thematic feeling you want to convey. Are you trying to make your visitors feel upscale, festive, or whimsical? And just because we recommend that you decorate with a theme in mind doesn’t mean that we are suggesting a boring program. In fact, we encourage quite the opposite! The last thing you want is for your holiday program to be uninspiring and bland. You should have fun when selecting your theme. And once you choose one, you will be surprised by how much creative freedom you have and how much easier it is to make decisions.

What theme are you planning to use this holiday season?

Dekra-Lite Can Bring Your Vision to Life

Do you already have a theme in mind? Or are your ready to upgrade your holiday décor style? Dekra-Lite can help you bring your vision to life! Give us a call at (800) 474-5179 or email us at Info@Dekra-Lite.com. If you still need help deciding on a theme, we can help you with that. Contact us today to create a holiday program your customers will truly love!