Your majestic pre-packaged tree arrives in its box. Giddy with excitement, you take it out and place it where it brings the most cheer. You also make sure it’s stable and dazzling. Then, you stand back and marvel at how much more festive the area feels. But there’s one step missing from this process. It’s the one that separates the pros from the beginners… fluffing.

You may be thinking, “what is fluffing?”

Fluffing is the practice and art of shaping your artificial tree, garland, or bows that have been compressed to fit into its box. It is one of the most overlooked ways to maximize your holiday décor.

There are different methods of fluffing. The most basic is to fan out the tips of your tree, garland, or bow. You can also arrange the branches upwards and outwards. This will give your decorations more volume and a nicer shape. You may want to wear gloves because the foliage can be spikey!

Many people will simply place their newly unwrapped tree, garland or bow, in its compressed form. While this is okay, it can leave your products looking a little flat. With just a little more effort, your décor can be so much more! Here are just a few of the benefits of fluffing your trees, garlands, and bows.

Benefits of Fluffing Your Decorations

  • Better coverage
  • Better distribution of lights
  • Maximizes the product’s dimensions
  • It gives bows a more 3-Dimensional shape
  • Makes the product look more natural and nicer

You can ensure that taking the time to fluff will be worth the effort, making a noticeable difference in your customer’s holiday experience. Dekra-Lite offers a wide variety of beautiful synthetic and natural wreaths for any experience, contact a Dekra-Lite sales representative for more information and view our catalog here.