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Rodeo Drive &

Two Rodeo


Rodeo Drive is a popular luxury, fashion, and entertainment destination located in the heart of Beverly Hills. The property features many upscale brands, including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. Two Rodeo is considered the gateway to Rodeo Drive. During the holidays, both streets fill with Christmas lights and decorations, transforming into a magical holiday attraction.

The Goal

This year, both Rodeo Drive and Two Rodeo wanted an exciting new holiday program for their patrons. They envisioned a traditional elegant Christmas with cool white lights. And, as always, they wanted plenty of unique decorations and instagrammable moments. Due to the success of last year's gold and silver program, we were excited to get with our design team and see what we could create.

Here's a sneak peek at Two Rodeo's 2018 holiday program!

Design & Concepting

Since the theme for this project was traditional elegance, we created a color palette using classic Christmas colors. The package featured holiday red, deep burgundy, silver, and cool white. When paired with our Signature and Designer ornaments, the colors create depth and texture.

Because Rodeo Drive and Two Rodeo are high-end outdoor shopping areas that feature posh, designer retailers and upscale eateries, we also added elements from our "Dress to Impress" line of fashion decor.

The neck tie and the top hat were custom designs!

Take a sneak peek at production!

The Result

This holiday season, Rodeo Drive was transformed into a colorful, selfie-worthy winter wonderland. The property featured spectacular light displays, custom decorations, and plenty of places to stop and take a selfie.

Dennis, the inflatable polar bear was a huge hit in last year's holiday program. This year, we decided to try Bilbor, the inflatable bear.







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