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Create the Perfect Photo Opportunity with a Selfie Station

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Encourage social sharing - aka free marketing!

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What's the Deal with Selfie Stations?

Today, it seems like everyone is sharing photos on social media. If you scroll through pictures on social media during the holiday season, you will see a snowstorm of photo experiences ranging from fun and quirky, to romantic and endearing.

Because of this new holiday trend, you must create unique photo opportunities worthy of being shared on social media. An effective selfie-station can not only encourage social sharing, but it can also drive traffic to your property—leading to a successful holiday season.

By securing a spot in your patrons’ social conversations, these Instagrammable moments are a creative way to enhance your branding strategy during the holiday season.

“Over the past few years we’ve seen this next generation to the photo booth grow in popularity,” shared Nicole Cintron, Dekra-Lite Creative Director.

“We’ve designed a collection of Instagrammable photo opportunities that inspires our customers’ patrons to take and share their precious holiday memories with friends and family in the moment.”

Creating Instagrammable Moments on Your Property this Holiday Season

Knott's Berry Farm

Improve the Visitor Experience

These days, the experience matters just as much as their purchase. People love taking photos, and they love sharing them on social media. Your visitors will enjoy looking back at their holiday memories, and they will remember that you helped create them.

Knott's Merry Farm is always full of Instagram-worthy spots. Featured is a 3-Tree Photo-Op in their Fiesta Village. The bases feature custom graphics inspired by Spanish tiles, and the Feliz Navidad lit sign complete the look.

Two Two Rodeo

Shoppers on Two Rodeo couldn't help but strike a pose in front of the 11' Regal Walk Through Ornament. To customize this display, we designed a graphic and printed it on Sintra. Of course, we were sure to include their hashtag, #ONTWORODEO!

Increase Brand Awareness

Creating a self-station is an incredible marketing opportunity. When your customers post their images to social media platforms like, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, they are sharing them to all of their friends and family. By having your company's logo, and other brand identifiers present, their followers are going to see that their photos were taken on your property.

Irvine Spectrum

Encourage Social Sharing

When a self-station is done right, your visitors' followers will want to take a trip to your property to capture a similar memory. While they are visiting, they might decide that they need a last-minute gift, or want to grab a bite to eat.

One of the most Instagrammable moments at the Irvine Spectrum took place at their Seasonal Selfie Spot. The tree bases and gift boxes were hand-painted to match their theme. We also LOVE the directional sign.

Creating an Effective Self-Station

Creating an Instagrammable moment requires a lot of careful thought and consideration. Dekra-Lite makes it easy by walking you through the entire process. From the initial design consultation to setting up your display, we can help you create a space where your customers won't be able to resist taking a selfie.

Select a Location

The first step in creating an effective selfie-station is finding the perfect location. When making this decision, we consider many factors, including foot traffic patterns.



Differentiate your company from other retailers by branding your selfie-station. Use your logo and other identifiable markers to keep your property top of mind.

Work with our design consultants to create a photo opportunity that helps you meet your goals. We can help ensure the style and colors are consistent with your existing decor.

Becoming a Selfie-Worthy Attraction

Here are a few essentials for creating a selfie-worthy holiday destination.

Include your company branding.

Make it look inviting, so people feel comfortable taking a photo.

Stand out from the competition by getting creative with your design.

Don't forget the hashtag!

Let's take an #Elfie

Knowing how vital this new holiday tradition is for your customers and our clients’ business, Dekra-Lite has gone to great lengths to create an exceptional collection of selfie-stations. You can easily customize these pieces with your brand, hashtag, and message.

Besides being big, fun, creative, and stylish pieces, these photo experiences have your logos, and the all-important hashtags displayed boldly so that no one can miss your message and they will be sure to share.

Create a Memorable Holiday Experience for Your Visitors

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