Showstopping Light Shows

Custom Animation

Animated lights appear to dance and change color in time with the music, creating a must see production that will keep people coming back!

Animated LED RGB Tree

RGB lighting is the latest and greatest thing to hit the holiday lighting industry. To understand what an animated LED RGB tree is we must first understand what the letters RGB stand for i.e. “R” stands for red, the “G” stands for green and the “B” stand for blue. These three colors combined, allow you to create any light color, change colors, and add motion/effects, all with one set of LEDs! Each light color will have hundreds of levels of intensity, and by blending these light colors at different levels of intensities, you can create any color in the rainbow.

Enhance Your Animated LED RGB Tree

Want to stand out this holiday season and get the most out of your animated LED RGB tree? Add audio tracks that coordinate with your animated light show.

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Custom commercial Christmas programs are our specialty. We staff the best minds in Christmas design and will create a look unique to your property from top to bottom, or enhance and existing design. Custom designs don’t have to be expensive or difficult. We off our design and consultation services free of charge.

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