What Is Skyline Decor?

For years, people have celebrated community events under massive artistic banners. From festivals to tree lighting ceremonies, decorations have been a stable part of the celebration. Dekra-Lite contributes to this important tradition by offering an impressive line of Skyline Decor. 

Skyline Decor includes any decoration that hangs above the city streets decorations and main entrances. Designs can range anywhere from festive to playful, or spectacular and unique. 

Imagine an LED-illuminated 22′ snowflake banner floating over your guests, welcoming them to your event. Here are a few pieces from our Skyline product line up that can help you turn that vision into a reality. 

Overhead Decorations

  • Shooting Star Skyline Overhead Decor– Our Royal Snowflake LED Overhead DEcor features intricate, red shooting stars.
  • 8′ Nuuk Skyline LED Overhead Decor– If you are looking to add to a smaller space, then you might enjoy our Nuuk LED Overhead Decor. It adds a touch of cool-white twinkle to any environment. 
  • Jeweled Scroll Overhead Streamers– Our Jeweled Scroll Overhead Streamers can turn any space into an elegantly bold area. Dekra-Lite can create one-of-a-kind custom skylines for those who want something original for their property.

Skyline decorations aren’t just a one-hit-holiday-wonder. You can reuse them for several occasions, including grand openings, sales, and other celebratory events. 


Dekra-Lite Skyline Decor

Are you interested in learning more about Skyline Decor? Contact one of our design consultants today. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you decide if skyline decorations would make a great addition to your property. 

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