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South Coast Plaza

Celestial Program


South Coast Plaza is a regional shopping mall located in Costa Mesa, California. It is recognized internationally for its collection of designer retailers, including Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Oscar de la Renta. Dekra-Lite has been South Coast Plaza's holiday decor partner for years, and every season, we help transform the property into a festive wonderland.

The Goal

South Coast Plaza is a must-see holiday destination in the West Coast. To uphold their reputation, they need to introduce new and exciting elements to their property every year, and this season was no different.

Design & Concepting

For this project, we wanted to create a holiday program that enhanced the property's luxurious theme. What better way to make shoppers feel special than by welcoming them to the mall with a grand entrance? Inspired by the jewelry and the high-end stores inside the mall, we designed custom starbursts and scepter arches.

Research and Development

Designing a spectacular holiday program is challenging, but making it a reality is entirely different project. The next stage in the Celestial Program was figuring out how to bring our vision to life. To do this, we started by creating 3-D models of the starbursts and scepter arches.


The process from conception to creation took nearly 2 years. The starbursts and scepter arches are made of steel and coated with a gold glitter paint finish. They are comprised of warm white LED light strands, reflective gold fitters in in two different sizes for depth and movement. A gold glitter injected mesh as well as eye catching ornaments within each of the starburst arms.


The Starbursts and Scepter Arches took about two weeks to install.

The Result

The result was a luxurious looking holiday program, just how we envisioned. When shoppers arrived, they were delighted by their grand entrance, and were immediately put in the holiday spirit.

Learn More

Are you interested in learning more about the decorations we used for South Coast Plaza's Celestial Program.Or perhaps you would like us to help you create a holiday program for your property? Our design experts would he happy to help! To get started, contact us today by calling 855-688-7908 or fill out the form below.