The snowflake-powered furnaces of Santa’s workshop are dying down, his belly full of cookies, and yours full of satisfaction after a successful holiday season. Now, it’s time to pack up your decorations. How you store your decorations is essential in making them last. If you do it right, you can preserve their quality and make it easier to use them next time. Here are a few tips for storing and organizing holiday decorations so you can use them for years to come.

Storing Holiday Decorations

Be smart when grouping items. 

Most holiday displays include a mix of large and small pieces, and many of them look similar. Although you may be tempted to store them together, doing so can be a recipe for disaster. It’s also common to have decorations that work for more than one occasion. You may want to store those where you will have an easier time accessing them. Try your best to group elements of the same display, and place multi-purpose decorations where they are easy to find.

Use easily identifiable labels. 

Labels are a great way to keep your decorations organized and easily accessible. Before putting your decorations away, take the time to label each container. Be sure to create labels that you can easily understand and see when it’s time to use the products again. 


When it comes to storing lights, your main goals should be to prevent tangling and breakage. You don’t want to spend hours untangling your lights before you can hang them, and you certainly don’t want to find them broken when you unpack them. Here are a few ideas for storing Christmas lights. 

  • Try a storage reel for lights. A storage reel, also referred to as a spool organizer, can hold varying lengths of light cords. They are great at preventing tangling, keeping lights neat, and protecting them from being crushed.
  • Storage bins. Clear, plastic weather-proof storage bins are another excellent want to store lights. Although there are containers specially designed for lights, generic plastic bins can also work. When going this route, it can be helpful to have dividers to prevent lights and ornaments from becoming knotted.


  • Ornament containers. Ornament containers come with ample space and padded layers to organize ornaments. While are often more extensive than many home-improvised options, they are often better at keeping your decorations secure. 
  • Original packaging. When it comes to ornaments, it is usually best to put them back in their original packaging. By putting them back where they came from, you can help keep them dry and free from damage.
  • Create a protective barrier. When storing your ornaments, it’s essential to create a protective barrier. Tissue paper and bubble wrap are excellent tools for protecting and storing decorations. Try wrapping ornaments in acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap before storing them in plastic bins. 

Wreaths, Garland, Sprays, and Trees

  • Protective bags. Protective bags can be great for storing foliage. There are moisture-resistant zipper bags or crush-proof cases for trees, wreaths, and garlands for smaller homes and commercial-sized pieces. For a home-improvised option, wrap up your small to medium-length fragile pieces in cloth bags, plastic or bubble wrap.
  • Save their original packaging. Like ornaments, foliage can also be stored in its original packaging. Keep this in mind as you open your boxes. 
  • Use a coat rack. Once you wrap your foliage, you can hang it on a coat rack. This method can not only help prevent damage, but it can create more accessible storage.  
  • Transparent containers. Well-labeled transparent containers are ideal for stacking to maximize space without causing damage or confusion. Also utilizing or creating shelves for additional space and improved access and movement is a big plus.

Need Help Storing Commercial Christmas Decorations?

There are so many ways to properly store and preserve your décor pieces to last a long time. If you have any questions about storing large or complicated items, we are more than happy to assist you!