Vice President of Operations

Every time I tell people what we do at Dekra-Lite, the inevitable response is “What do you do for the rest of the year?” “Plenty!” is my usual response. We innovate new designs and products, shop the world, buy & stock those fabulous holiday decorations, plan future holiday customer projects, market, sell, and simply improve ourselves to work more efficiently.

Being a part of the Dekra-Lite family is a blessing to me. Everyday I come to work, I get to work with very passionate people, who are all co-owners, since Dekra-Lite is an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program) company. The role I perform also gives me plenty of opportunities to use all the competencies I have gained from my previous careers as a corporate executive in DHL and Amazon and also as an entrepreneur, owning Subway franchises. I really look forward to helping Dekra-Lite fulfill its growth vision for the next 10 years.

Born and raised in Singapore, the U.S. is my third country of residence. I had also lived and worked in Vietnam during those early and exciting years after the country opened its doors to foreign investments. I enjoy traveling, food and the outdoors. I have been privileged to have traveled to many countries including Nepal, Maldives, South Africa and even visited the Killing Fields in Cambodia. A few of the most exciting things I have done are rappelling down a hoovering helicopter and doing aerobatics in an aeroplane. A favorite pastime these days is barbecuing and smoking meats. I have progressed from hamburgers and hot dogs and can now do a pretty good job of smoking ribs and briskets. For the future, It is my objective to take a long road trip with my wife around the United States on a Can-Am Spyder!