Account Executive

My name is Chris Madsen. I have been a Southern California native my whole life. I have always loved living here and growing up down the street from Disneyland. I have an amazing family and a beautiful fiancé that I spend most of my time with. Whether I am playing golf or going snowboarding, I always keep a smile on my face. I am very thankful for my life and to be working at Dekra-Lite.

Since working at Dekra-Lite I have grown immensely as an account executive. I have worked with companies like Saks Fifth Ave., SeaWorld Entertainment, Toys R’ Us and the San Diego Zoo to name a few. It is a great feeling to bring my grand holiday ideas to fruition. My customers have always been left feeling good about their experience with Dekra-Lite and myself. I look forward to many more successful holiday seasons. Give us a call and I will bend over backwards to be helpful and attentive to your needs. Have a great year!