General Manager

I’m a family man living in Orange County, Ca with my wonderful wife, four boys and a girl.

Much of my leisure time the last 20+ years has been at the fields enjoying my kids playing baseball and soccer. With my youngest only at six years old I’m excited to have a new one just starting out and years more sports to come. I believe life should be fun. I can’t think of anything more fun than the holidays.

Doing what we do at Dekra-Lite puts smiles on people’s face and contributes to a magical part of each year. The shopping, the music, the families and friends gathering, religion and the celebrations make the holidays special at my home. As Dekra-Lite’s General Manager for 25+ years I tend to be the strong arm. I have a great job, with a lot of variety. Through our annual cycle I get the opportunity to work with all departments and see all the parts come together each and every holiday season.