Raindrops of shimmering golden light suspended in mid-air above you, wrapping all in an enchanted glowing ambiance. You can’t stop looking away, waiting for the light drops to finally crash to the ground and splash the earth with their sound. Have you stumbled into a fairy-tale land by accident?

This is what your customers will be thinking and feeling as they walk beneath or beside our LED Light Curtains installed on your property. They are indeed an enchanting and elegant décor piece that brings that special something. Our LED Curtains are a dramatic yet easy way to make windows, ceilings, and walls look spectacular. These steady burn or shimmering light curtains range from 7’-50’, thus making it suitable for nearly all locations and applications. They also come in beaded light form, like a string of diamonds levitating.

Placing Light Curtains

You can place the sparkling light curtain in a popular entrance to create the excitement and set the ambiance as your patrons walk through the doors. Perhaps you add light curtains throughout your mall or complex to continue the holiday spirit; transform an empty wall that would previously go unnoticed into a glowing backdrop that will be sure to inspire photos and delight. You can also enhance the light curtains with large 2D décor pieces or hang finial ornaments throughout.

The great thing about our LED Light Curtains is that they are not just for the holidays. This versatile product can also be used for formal occasions to add that perfect amount of glamour and glow. People love to dress up and walk through dazzling light.

Or, maybe you want to make a special sale or event feel more special? LED Light Curtains are a great way to do this!

If you’d like to learn more or order our fabulous LED Light Curtains, please give us a call at (866) 206-8185 or email us at info@Dekra-Lite.com.